Builds Vosper 73Ft Motor torpedo boats

the kit Oerlikon has dried and the filler on the deeper ejection mark has sunk, so needs another layer.

the second bubble applied to the sink mark, the one on the right leveled off ok, but that was shallower, sanded off level with the top of the gun's receiver. after cleaning up with some fine sandpaper the mould lines have gone too.

while that dries, time to start on the Lewis guns, the shield is bent using a cocktail stick to form it in a half round shape, then the triangle spacers are super glued into the slots and baking powder blown in in a tiny amount to harden the join.
Given the size of the holes, might be a frill and fill with rod be a better bet?
mounted Lewis guns. The guns need slight adjustment so they sit even, the shield needs another coat, time for the second pair..

Great little ships provide extras on their pe frames, just in case you break or loose the small parts, nice of them, this will make a nice sight for the 20mm Oerlikon.
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the MG PE shield with the strengthening corner pieces superglued and baking powdered in place

the Port side gun in the foreground with the finished 20mm mount behind.
the Starboard Lewis guns ready for primer
I was thinking earlier in the thread that it was unlike you to leave those castings somewhat 'unfinished'. And then your finger put their size into perspective.


ETA. Is this you:

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the boat is rigged and nearly there, I've tried to make the most authentic MTB with what I had available, The second one will be loading up Torpedos left over from this first build. But it will have to wait, I'm doing a three week work related course out of my home county, back on the 15th. Probably rearing to get the modelling stuff out by then.

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Give you a example of how some building /council people work. My late Father was employed on a huge housing scheme in Basildon. During the excavations they found an extremely old church and cemetery lots of skeletons and stone work found. The then director of the building company said to my old man, who was a Architect in charge of the ground work, in no uncertain terms to "lose it we ain't got time to worry about it."
Today, that Director would have his arse sued. But it still goes on, especially if it gets in the way of "Progress"
So here is the MTB awaiting it's dome top to block out all the dust and inquisitive little fingers and irritated paws,

back from my three week course, I can spend some time on a model or two.
Starting with some glass. Here it is glued together, held in position by masking tape.

when it's hardened off and cured, I can remove the tape and make the card base decorated with a coastal chart. While that dries, I can work on James Bonds Little Nellies glass case....

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