Builds Vosper 73Ft Motor torpedo boats

A bit late, but meeeehhhh.... from a very, very old Airfix mag

Dak32424 - Copy.jpg
gotta keep those delicate brass screws off the hard standing or the CPO will be on my back. I might paint the stands a different colour so they don't look like part of the hull.
Seeing as its the Navy...... pink it is then :)

Looking good with the paint on
Just in case you've got any Vickers .5 inch MG's tucked away, these were fitted to the 73 footers :)
Dak30404 - Copy.jpg
the bins that surround the bandstand I guess must be ready ammo lockers

The kit parts that depict the louvre doors down to the engine room are quite well detailed.
the polsten cannon have these ejector marks, and a sink mark on the mount top between the guns.

mr surfacer to fill them in ready for sanding back.
thanks very much. the kit Oerlikon cannon will get shown up by the pe detailed lewis guns from Great little ships aftermarket parts, they are coming up next, so I better get the cannons up to scratch.
If thats the case, any thoughts about changing the Oerlikon cannons to match the Lewis guns?
One thing DC Thompson always got right was the attention to detail, commando comics always had a mtb/mgb story even if the med stood in for the channel...
If thats the case, any thoughts about changing the Oerlikon cannons to match the Lewis guns?
I'm going to do them up as best I can, a challenge, The first thing I'll change is the ring sight kit part, see what I have in the spares box, in the meantime a quick look at the 1/72 Lewis guns

the kit Oerlikon has dried and the filler on the deeper ejection mark has sunk, so needs another layer.

the second bubble applied to the sink mark, the one on the right leveled off ok, but that was shallower, sanded off level with the top of the gun's receiver. after cleaning up with some fine sandpaper the mould lines have gone too.

while that dries, time to start on the Lewis guns, the shield is bent using a cocktail stick to form it in a half round shape, then the triangle spacers are super glued into the slots and baking powder blown in in a tiny amount to harden the join.

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