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Vorderman on Question Time

She needs a punch in the mouth for acting as the mouthpiece for those loan sharks on telly. FirstPlus or Ocean Finance I think. "I'm Carol Vorderman, the brainy bird off telly, get a loan off us at 99999% APR, honestly it's great". What a total cnut.
She did a better job for the Tories than Boris did. WTF is going on? I haven't seen that many open goals missed since David Blunkett was taking penalty shots for Sheffield Labour FC second eleven.

Boris looked like they'd slipped some valium into his drink in the green room. What's happened to his hair? What's happened to his wit and vigour?

Fair enough, they were faced with an audience consisting almost entirely of the LSE Labour club but they should have done a lot better against two arrogant, sanctimonious tw@ts and the fekkin' secret love child of Michael Foot.

Oh and eh, Carol, she can denounce my fiscal policies any time she likes.
Can anyone verify that the audience is truly unbiased and a true reflection of today's society? Every week I'm left gobsmacked by some of the collective responses.

and to get back on thread.....yes, Carol would indeed be subject to a lot of righthandmarker dirty luvin'.

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