Vorden Training Area, Germany

Discussion in 'REME' started by Rockstar, Jun 14, 2008.

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  1. I've already posted this in the Training Wing forum, but I was hoping to target anyone at 1Bn in Osnatraz...

    Does anyone have maps of Vorden Training Area? If so, please PM me. I'll be in the area on Tuesday if anyone can help!!

  2. Might have one somewhere mind you you could draw a big capital A at a funny angle and that's it not a big area to train on compared to some others does get very fooking dark in the wooded area's at night to to the amount of top cover off the trees
  3. Any chance of having it off you? I can collect, depending on where you are. Can you pm me your location?
  4. Scotland! I'll have a look in the map case tomorrow it's not so much as an OS map but a locally produced on at 1:25000 IIRC might be even bigger 1/2 the training area is OOB as the boxheads use it it's an old airfield with a few dilapidated buildings
  5. Do you mean Vorden or Achmer?Achmer is by far superior, and if this is of help I am in Traz and have a load of maps.
  6. Vorden. Check your PMs.

  7. what do you need maps for? your not going to use them are you?
  8. Lawsom, you know I live on Achmer this time of year , foxes now in weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!
  9. We are exercising on the area early July, there are no detailed maps, 14 Geo will provide 1.50,000 maps. You can down load aerial maps from google earth or obtain a 'line drawing' diagram from the range warden which is broken down into sectors.
  10. I've since had a recce of the place, which took all of 20 minutes. For what we want to do, the area is a tad on the small side. I tried to change to another area, Achmer, but have been fobbed off. My CoC are now determined to follow through with the ex at Vorden.

    As for maps, many thanks TRAZ, more than helpful!

    I've also downloaded and printed off pictures from Google Earth. I'll let you all know how the aggresive camping goes at the end of July!