vomit inducing sentamentality? RMS Titanic

The Titanic's sunk???????

Why hasn't it been on the news?
Load of crap, the captain should have opened the seacocks and announced,

'The ship is going down, there are enough life boats for half of you, the nearest shipping is four hour's sailing time away.'

They interviewed some bird on the radio this am, prattling on about her great-uncle who she'd never known, and how nice everyone was to each other on the trip.

All delivered in a beautiful scouse accent!
It was a crap ship and it sank a century ago.

The grief whores are getting desperate if they have to go to the middle of the Atlantic to work up a decent cry.
I bet it passed through Liverpool, too, on it's way from Belfast. ;-)
Basically, lots of years ago, a few hundred alcoholic Paddies shoddily built a big ship which subsequently sank because it was shit.

A few rich cnuts and some poor cnuts drowned.
Oh God!

The Titanic is never off the bloody television and now it's all over Arrse.

Why, Lord, did you afflict us with all this bilge?

VOICE OF THE LORD: "Because it's cheap telly. And everybody in Britain is related either to Tom Gussett, the tragic cabin boy or the equally tragic stoker, Wazzer, the Bootle Shoveller. Just remember .... a ship sank that day".
Hmm all a bit weird. There have been two interesting programes about the engineers and the band.
That was really well put together for channel 4, absolute minimum of grief whoring, just a very informative documentary about a load of blokes who stayed down below to make sure the leccy stayed on and the pumps were working.

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