Volvo/Whitbread race entry


Was just peruusing the Volvo Ocean Race website and was interested to see that there was a tri-service entry into the race back in 1989-90 - British Defender

What a shame that the exponentially rising costs of this race over the last 15 years has meant that such an entry from the armed forces is no longer possible........or is it? It would need massive external sponsorship

I can see how this would be the 'ultimate' in military offshore sailing. Ex Mercury Challenge is of course looming, however, can this offer challenges on the same scale as a race as big as volvo or the Clipper Round the World yacht Race???

Would be nice to see a tri-service entry in something big in the near future. Tall Ships, Fastnet and ARC (although challenges in themselves) jsut dont seem to have anything on a global race event.

Watch out for a large ARRSE Flag on at least one sailing event this year. Not sure it will make it to the Volvo Ocean but it should get a bit of blue water exposure.

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