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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by boney_m, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. We're going to be asking for volunteers to develop a couple of building projects in the near future.

    Firstly, i'd like someone to volunteer to build us a garden of rememberence. I've parcelled off a small piece of land for the garden, and anyone who would like to develop this please let me know.

    Secondly, the Island needs somewhere for all you gun nets to shoot each other. I've suggested to the CO's that a FIBUA village might do the trick. The CO's like the idea. If anyone would like the opportunity to build this, then please let me know. There are a few caveats attached to the build, more on that to the volunteers.

    A couple of notes on building. If you are willing to develop either the garden or the village, it might be worthwhile doing some of the SL tutorials. The builds will have to look the part, using textures and all the prims fitting together properly etc. It can be quite frustrating to get right, so best to get an idea of what you are getting yourself into first. You are unlikely to find a FIBUA village or a Rememberence garden for sale on SL that you can just rez out of a box!!!!

    Anyway, have a ponder and let myself or bing know your thoughts.
  2. I don't mind helping out it would appear I'm spending a lot of time on SL anyway :cyclopsani:
  3. Count me in! :D
  4. Ive just joined this morning, I have absoloutly no clue what Im doing.

    If I could be of assistance, in a "learn as you go " capacity, then pls feel free to ask.

  5. we are doing the same really if you see us in world we'll pass on what we have learned so far. we have a little hidey hole set aside to practice out the way :plotting:
  6. T'is a very good place :D Btw Can you send my magic carpets back to my inventory.
  7. OK. Bulletsponge and The_Butler will be running with the FIBUA idea. I need to see you both on Island at some point to go over the boundaries and a few ideas that have already been discussed. I will be on Island tonight at 2100 if your available. Otherwise, catch me when you see me.

    Eoghan and Romeo, could you develop a Garden Of Rememberence please. I will point out the piece of land and a few ideas when i next see you both online. Can you also help out Bullet and Henderson with the FIBUA project if they need it?

    There are going to be more projects coming up soon....
  8. Yep no problem! :thumright:
  9. Okay, Eoghan, at my behest, has, or is going to, put an Information Kiosk in the empty building underneath the Racetrack.

    The idea is to put the Island Rules/Covenant in there so all newbies/visitors can see them. I think it might also be an idea to move the teleport entry point - where we all materialise on arriving on the Island - to there. Is there any possibility the CO's could do this?

    I have also asked him to move his sale items into the PRI. Anyone else who wants to place stuff in the PRI please drop me a line, or IM me on the Island. We need to start making use of this building as well.
  10. Me and Eog got a fair bit of the memorial done. :thumright:
  11. See I told you it would get easier. Well done troops :thumleft:
  12. Well we've now got the FIBUA area walled off, there is a door in the wall when you aproach from the range side of the island, or you could just fly in. Have suggested that making the FIBUA a no fly zone would also be a good idea, the wall is fairly high so if people are stuck to walking it will stop any stray rounds from upsetting users that are outside the FIBUA area.
  13. No problems Bullet - let me know when you want it done. It might be easier to allow flying while your still building etc.
  14. Yeah I know, still a way to go, we're going to be working on a layout, I'll get crcking on that once I'm logged on tonight.

    Are we going to set it so that the remainder of the island rejects bullets?

    Is there any chance of getting hold of the flame image that was being used on the fire that was outside the NAAFI? Would look great if we could have a few burning cars/pigs dotted about the place.
  15. As usual i got one of them in my pocket I am a freebieaholic :thumleft: