Volunteers required: Wiki Entries related to Joining the TA

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by StabTiffy2B, Mar 6, 2006.

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  1. Good Morning to everybody in TA Arrse land.

    The TA forum has had quite a few questions of a similar nature, in recent months. Many of these are answerable by a simple link to the Wiki.

    Therefore, MSR has been gracious enough to edit the "Thinking of joining the TA" Sticky to a FAQ Wiki link Thread.

    What we now need is volunteers to write a small piece on each Corp, etc.

    Info should include: Trades available, how long it takes to achieve, start standards, etc. Nothing too excessive, as this is aimed at the new recruit/potential recruit.

    I will try and get the ball rolling with a REME piece, this afternoon (work permitting).


  2. 1. Didnt realise you had a job

    2. Where is the thead ???
  3. Started a TA Signals one in Jan but didn't manage to complete it

    TA Royal Signals

    Could do with someone with a bit more time to complete trade descriptions (or link it to other wiki entries)
  4. That's a bit more complicated than what I was after. I wanted to give the recruit an idea of what he could do & how long it would take.

    May I steal things from the entry?
  5. Yes of course, I didn't want to cover the recruit proces (as thats on the other page) but follow on from that site (so I added career advice and hopefully trade descriptions)
  6. Done a short peice on RMP, not made any entries on arrsepedia before, is this what you are looking for?
  7. Have added some stuff about the RAMC, though I don't know how to link to other pages. Just the bare bones before I leave work.

    Nice one Tiffy. ;)
  8. Good work guys. A key thing for a recruit is timescales. Would it be possible for you to include how long it takes to train for each trade and what skills you need beforehand. E.g. Start Standards.

    Could Fluffy Bunny also confirm that the Driver trades in the Artillery are RLC? If so, I'll edit the info at the start to explain the corps imbedded within Regts thing. Should avoid confusion that way.

    Cheers again everyone.
  9. Driver trades in the RA are RA, not RLC.

    There are specialist RLC units that provide extra ammo transport for the Gunners, but when I said RLC I meant chefs attached to Btys. This may have been an error as they might be AGC.

    I'll amend the entry to make this clear.
  10. msr

    msr LE

    Fitness added to the FAQ and MATTs added to the wiki page.

  11. there is a cracking bit about mortars...
  12. I have added the Spec RLC bit :)
  13. Cheers smudger - do you want me to add the Independent RLC bit above or below? ;)

    Incidentally, for anyone who doesn't yet know we are no longer to use the terms Specialist and Independent, it is now National and Regional respectively. Obviously that will not be in the least bit confusing and it won't mean that we have to re-print all our recruiting literature or anything and it won't feck up recruitment initiatives when our instant-gratification-big prize right now generation decide that National must be bigger and better than Regional.
  14. cheers no I didnt know that, edited the post accordingly, thanks