Volunteers Needed To Play SAS Originals For TV Series

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by turvey, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. We’re looking for people to play the key roles for a unique 3 part TV series called ‘The Originals’.
    The series is based upon the only filmed interviews with the founders of the SAS (they really did record their stories on film) - including David Stirling. If you are aged between 18 and 28 and believe you have what it takes to be our Johnnie Cooper, Reg Seekings, Jim Almonds, Paddy Mayne, Jock Lewes, Bob Bennett, Dave Kershaw, Fraser Mc Clusky, Mike Sadler or David Stirling and you are available from 6th October for 2 – 11 days (depending on character), please contact us for more information or send details including full length photo, height, availability and contact details to: lou(@)watchmore(.)tv
  2. " Bring out the Walts........."!!!!!
  3. NO............Never, we need real people
  4. What serving soldier is going to put his face on TV and play the role of an ex-SAS guy? Only a walt will do it. Anyone serving will have the crap ripped out of them for doing it.
  5. then don't look here old chum, none of us are real people, we are soldiers.

    Try one of the sirsoft forums....
  6. Perhaps, but better a Solider to play a Soldier than an amateur wannabe being an embarrassment and insulting the Regiments fine history and the Army in general. Civilians playing servicemen never works, they walk like a civilian and don’t know what they are doing, don’t you agree??
  7. Ask Andy - he's not doing much since he had his laptop nicked
  8. lol, we need people with laptops, The SAS used them in North Africa in 1941
  9. Sounds reasonable... didn't Dickie Attenborough get a "platoon" of actors and have them trained for a month or so for "A Bridge To Far", not to mention Spielberg using the Irish Army Reserves (FCA) for "Saving Private Ryan".

    (I won't bring up Audie Murphy playing himself)

    C'mon, any guys who think they can do it, don't let the naysayers on here talk you out of it!

    ps, I'm too old, fat and unfit to even think of it :)
  10. perhaps they need someone to be Churchill?
  11. Naw, more Christy Moore! :p
  12. I quite fancy myself as Rommel.

    I can say "Verdammten Englishes schweinehunde", and strike the table with my Field Marshall's baton, every time the walt actors from the Loggie TA Combat Lorry Driving Squadron blow up more of my airfields
  13. The scary thing is, I can quite imagine you doing that! 8O
  14. :) hey, Turvey, need a Rommel?
  15. How much??