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I have been talking to my county rep from SSAFFA and with there backing I want to try and do a charity event on a national level where everyone can get involved.
For those of you not too familiar with SSAFFA, they are probably the oldest forces charity still going, over a hundred years old, they can and will give impartial advise on anything and will take swift action to help homeless personal and such, if you approached them homeless today, you would have a roof over your head the same day. SSAFFA work with the other charities and will approach them and regimental assoc too, in the aim of helping you. They also offer help to your families even if the serving member had passed away some time ago.
My wife and myself had help from SSAFFA last year and they approached the Rbl, Abf the Waff assoc and the queens regiment for myself, result being heating for the house, a new ceiling after it collapsed and replacement furniture, they also recognized I and my wife sometimes had trouble in the bathroom, so they helped adapt it too.
That's one example of what they do, and now I'm a bit healthier I want to help them.
So down to the plan.
During a 24 hour period next summer I would like to see pubs and clubs throughout the country host a musical event. be it live music or just a disco, what I would also like is the participating band and club donate some of the profits to SSAFFA as well as the collection buckets going around.
In return all parties will be given a mention on the web and Facebook pages.
Obviously its something that needs a lot of coordinating and plenty of volunteers, that's where you all could help out.
If you know a band or club willing to help out then please let me know, I have worked with some fairly big bands and will be asking them for help as well as a few football players as compares if possible.
This has potential to work out very well but it needs people like yourselves to help and make it work. the benefits for the charity are massive and will mean that more serving and ex servicemen and women, as well as there families can get help.
I will leave it to the masses and see what happens, in my little county of Bedfordshire things will certainly be going on.
Thanks for your time in reading this and I hope you can help.
Have you ever done anything like this before bud ? Not being negative but sounds a bit ambitious, how much are you hoping to raise ? I rarely go to my local any more, and the only musical thing there is a bunch of folk singers who are frankly a bunch of freaks.
Trying to keep track of any monies would be a nightmare especially as you won`t know a lot of the people collecting it, some of whom may be doing it for nefarious means.
Then there is the problem of enlightening the public as to who SSAFFA is, I`ve collected a few times for the ABF in the past and it took me half my time to explain who they were. Unfortunately due to a certain organisation promoting themselves well, it seems to have put a lot of the other forces charities in the shade so to speak.
There was a bunch of ladies who did a sponsored walk for the ABF across some of the Somme front lines a year or so ago, the organisation time aside, they managed to raise around 40k for a weekends walk.
Could you do similar along the D Day beaches, say Grandcamp Maisy to Pegasus ? Minimum sponsorship, about 50 bodies, should be able to cover it in a weekend. Plus you`d have reasonable knowledge of who is raising funds, how much, and be able to exert some control over the proceedings.

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