Volunteers in the pandemic. Have a go, why not?


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A week ago I went in to the Dentist to get a molar ground down in preparation for a crown.

The Dentist ( foreign - very experienced ) was assisted by a young lady ( foreign - very inexperienced apparently )
She was tubing out bits of ground down tooth and positioning a mirror while he was drilling on the other side of me.
Problem was, she was constantly getting her tools in the way of his grinding - and he was bollocking / teaching her but in English as ( I guess ) it would have been rude to gabble away in some lingua dago in front of the paying Client.

Poor girl was getting more and more flustered as I am sure she didn't understand half the English names for things.

Later on she is mixing up paste to make a template for future crown to fit into.

First batch - too stiff, do it again.
Second batch - No no no too runny too runny. Do it again
Sorry Sir, Sorry etc - as i am spitting this goopy muck into the sink.

She made it right third attempt.
I think she was pretty close to Day1 training - and honestly don't have a problem with it.

Even experienced nurses can make a hash of mixing materials.

As I know only too well!


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This bloke says he's game and social distancing won't be a problem
Volunteering? I did that once, didn’t end well. Never again.


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Microsoft has launched a 'Dentist Simulator' too? Is it part of a 'Simulator Professional' series?

If so, what other titles are available to help us become experts in somebody else’s fields?

They are called phantom heads

Examples visible here
Pot hole filler. I quite fancy sitting on my arse all day doing nothing except read the paper, drink tea and wait for my next mahoosive pay cheque.

Oh, wait...
You'll need my assistance with a rolling block, otherwise you'll end up as a bonnet mascot on a 44 ton Scania. ;)
Is this the vaccine jabs for covid or the overdose of diamorphine jabs ..right gran roll.you sleeve up.