Volunteers could guard some UK borders

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chimp, Dec 31, 2017.

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  1. I think the idea is to cut benefit payments because IIRC if you work as a volunteer you're not entitled to claim unemployment benefits also cutting "full time" workers to employ part-time workers is beneficial in cutting unemployed numbers because these days 16 hours or more is classed as full time; so technically they're increasing the full time workforce by 100% by having 2 x 16 hour workers instead of 1 x 37.5 hour worker (plus a bit left over to increase the workforce beyond 100%) making the Govt appear to be tacking unemployment.
    Its all smoke and mirrors.
  2. Of course, I don't eat pizzas. Terrible foreign stuff...
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  3. They can do that in any EU land, yet the UK is favoured over many EU lands. One reason could be that other EU lands are a damned sight stricter regarding registering as an immigrant than the UK, meaning it's much easier to "disappear" or use fake identities in the UK.
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  4. Australia, as always.
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  5. Can't remember the last time we ordered a pizza, we make something much tastier with much less fat for a hell of a lot less ourselves.
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  6. Flamekuche. 4 Braseures in Lille, yum.
  7. It’s smoke and mirrors or overly simplistic,often unworkable, aspirational wibble depending on where and how it’s attempted to be implemented, see FR 2020 amongst others.
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  8. Its definitely unworkable in most industries and just political whitewash covering the cracks, problem is they're all at ti, doesn't matter which party get in and in a lot of public sector positions it'll eventually become compulsory under the "flexible working" policies.

  9. Really? maybe in your snowflakes world, a lot of ILLEGALS do but in reality read THIS ...Half a million immigrants given social housing in the last decade
    snip "Four million migrants arrived in Britain between 2001 and 2011, and of those 469,843 were given social housing
    The news comes as the waiting list for social housing hits a record 1.8million, most of whom are British born."

    Of course they are somewhat picky as well as this shows Shameless French family-of-10 demand MANSION: Benefits dad rejects 5-bed as 'too cramped'
    snip "A JOBLESS migrant couple with eight children turned down a five-bed home on the taxpayer – insisting they needed a house with six doubles."
    This is the needy group, hmm I wonder why they immigrated here, not just for the weather & fine cuisine I bet.. Oh of course its to "study" for free no doubt, including our lovely benefits for all his brood, Mr Arnold and Jeanne Sube, originally from Cameroon in west Africa, also live in a three-bed semi costing the state more than £15,000 a year.

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  10. You argument is pathetic. You've quoted an Express article and a Telegraph one, a paper rapidly transforming into a posh version of the Daily Mail. You are quoting a figure that covers a 10 year period and uses the term 'social housing' which does not mean local authorities, but housing associations more likely, so still a market rent or not far off it. Housing is scarce and overpriced and the state has not built any significant housing stock to replace what has been lost since the early 80s. And as for the £15k rent bill for a 3 bed house, thats what it costs in London. If someone had built a few million council houses in the last twenty years it would be a lot cheaper, wouldn't it?

    And you do know who I work for, don't you? Which makes me no 'snowflake' but I do have a somewhat better understanding of the actualité, not the tabloid hyperbole.
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  11. With respect none of this takes account of the mismatch between the official and real head counts. It was after all Blairs lot and in 1997 who did a complete VoLTE face on housing. It was so blatant it took Labour councillors by surprise. HA's have completely ( conveniently) forgotten that they said they would be better at making good provision.
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  12. My bold.. no I don't know who you work for, but hopefully not in a position of responsibilty if you are unable to understand that our population has grown at a rate that would need a city the size of Leicester to be built each year for the last 20 years or so just to cope. And thats just the numbers the Govt has admitted to and even they now admit they don't know how many illegals are here with guestimates of well over a million. I use this quote from a paper I rarely read, rather than quote posh versions of the Mail, just to please your delicate sensibilties. Needless to say the "handwringers gazette" aka the Guardian, wont publish such things as it doesn't suit their "snowflake" agenda and would probably lead to some teeth gnashing in the Islington set! Nevertheless these are true figures despite your protestations as to the source, hence the shortfall in housing numbers. If you are looking to blame someone blame Blair & his crew who deliberately set out to import millions just to spite the former population and create a new voter base, ignoring the harm it would do.
    snip "The Tory Cabinet minister was quizzed over claims by David Wood, a former head of immigration enforcement, that there are “probably over a million foreigners here illegally” and “no one could ever remove them really.”
    Asked if his estimate of a million was a “sensible judgement”, Ms Rudd said: “It may be".
    That is the reason why houseprices have gone through the roof, along with rents. The population growth is unprecedented and is causing massive strains on our whole infrastructure not just housing.
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  13. Blinking flip, not just aspiring rappers but their aspiring backing dancers too ;)
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  14. WHAT HE SAID . . . !!
  15. A long time ago . . . . we had another thread “Bring back the Home Guard”

    Bring back the Home Guard

    It seems appropriate to repeat here, what I posted then . . .

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