Volunteers could guard some UK borders

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chimp, Dec 31, 2017.

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  1. I personally think the whole (yet again tactically leaked) possible scenario is just that, floating a balloon in the air waiting to see if it gets shot down.
    Not the first to come from the Home Office and certainly not likely to be the last.

    Looks like it is about to be shot down in flames and the 12 year old SPAD that so forcefully put his name to it will be thinking of his next cunning plan for promotion right now.
    Perhaps someone should have had a discreet word about coastal waters, tides and boats and how he is going to motivate people to turn out for free in the wee small hours of the morning just in case Bogdan has extended his car wash and needs more hands?
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  2. so- that might be a solution for depriving Labour of votes, but please a c130. Couldn't we just find a V1 and strap on two seats.
  3. It would certainly stop immigration.
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  5. The first time I heard that term was in a meeting with the council to address rising youth violence on the estates, and the person uttering it was the council's head of their department for 'combating' the gang culture (usually with showy gimmicks aimed at the media, not the gangs, and many rain-forests worth of leaflet campaigns).
    He thought a lot of himself and he did not like 'mere coppers' snorting in disdain so he challenged me.
    I told him that in my experience, people who dream up, or use, buzz phrases, do so to disguise the fact that they do not have a clue about dealing with whatever matter is at hand.

    He is now one of Teresa May's longest running 'expert advisors' on gang violence and youth culture.
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  6. Floating a balloon - lol

    The Essex and Kent force trialed 2 x UAV several years back - BAe Herti and a lighter than air vehicle....suffice to say the latter deflated immediately due to going a little out of radio range.

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  7. Yet when I put a surveillance camera in the women's changing rooms down at the pool I get an £85 fine, and put on a register.
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  8. It certainly wouldn't. Immigrants come here to work, legally or illegally, and usually end up in substandard housing in the private sector. There is a shortage of housing and what little provision there is, it isnt handed out to immigrants despite what you may read in the Express and the Mail
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  9. So why do they come here ?
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  10. I've told you already. They come here to work in poorly regulated service, manufacturing and construction industries, some legal, some not so, a few downright criminal. Eat in restaurants, use an Uber, order a pizza and chances are the person serving you is illegal or in some way not compliant with their visa conditions. Or an EU citizen, favoured by employers for a good work ethic who will work for less than the locals.
  11. I'd agree. Plus our immigration is no better or worse than any other northern european country if you look at the figures - not those in the Mail or the Express.
    I have no problem with anyone coming to our shores with the intention of working hard & paying taxes. But it needs to be on a quota or points system based on industry sectors where those skills are needed. Similar system to the antipodeans I'd suggest.
  12. But ...but..where'd we get our Barstaff from?
  13. ...and who's going to deliver the pizzas?
  14. You need your pizza delivered? We either cook them our ourselves or collect them, but then we are a tad old fashioned like that.
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