Volunteers could guard some UK borders

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Chimp, Dec 31, 2017.

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  1. According to the Home Office a volunteer force is being considered to man some smaller ports and air ports. Naturally this has been referred to as a Dads’ Army approach and pictures of Capt M, Sgt W and the rest of the gang adorn newspaper stories.
    What I can’t quite understand is how such a stupid idea didn’t go into File 13 as soon as it appeared. Having had a vote to “take back control” of our borders the cheapest option is now being considered. Not exactly the most professional delivery of national security.

    In his day this chap was a bit useful (in the trenches) though:

    Volunteers 'could guard some UK borders'
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  2. Already mentioned in the EM thread, I felt the notion would get the respect it deserved there rather than in CA
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  3. TheresaMay

    TheresaMay LE Moderator DirtyBAT

    Finally, a calling in life for your average EDL mong.

    Purely to see how quickly they start accepting back-handers for letting Johnny foreigners in.
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  4. About 20 minutes before they even start the first shift.
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  5. I saw that on the news and pissed mesen. It hardly got a mention in the depress today. File 13 it is.
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  6. Technically, anyone who sees anything untowards, must report it. What the authorities do about it is another matter.
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  7. The conservative government held/holds great store in what is euphemistically refered to as the "voluntary sector" the idea of volunteering supposedly being an underpinning principle of the "big society" and being previously championed by the likes of Call me Dave.
    Whilst volunteering is generally laudable and has it's place in society it also has several limitations and disadvantages in the workplace.
    Another of their favourites which sounds like a great idea until it encounters first contact with practical reality is the idea that billions can be saved by adopting the simple expedient of replacing thousands of full time workers with part time workers across various occupations.
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  8. Because due to cuts, it is not possible to keep the sticking plaster on anymore and say it's all fine?

    When I left in 2016, Special Constables had been used to make up for a basic lack of manpower in my former farce. A friend who was an SPC showed me emails sent to him which were a general request for Specials from across the force to work one town over a weekend (not a holiday town or holiday period), as there were backed up calls from the proceeding 3 days and there was no way the force could service the expected calls over the weekend.

    If Border force is anything like the police, I find it difficult to believe they are exempt from the demands caused by "efficiency" cuts.

    So, if people are willing to put on a uniform and do something for free that the Home Office would otherwise pay for - they'll take anyone, I would have thought.

    Whether the recruits will stay when they find out it's not quite as exciting as the Texas Border militia or whatever remains to be seen.....

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  9. Absolutely this ^
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  10. As we all know, the volunteer regiments got hand me down kit.
    I am therefore going to volunteer immediately in the hope of getting one of THOSE rifles.
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  11. The Captain Mainwarings and his ilk did a thoroughly good job of stopping illegals Landing in the UK during WW2.
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  12. If I can't mine the border with Wigan I'm out.
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  13. Of course you will get the rifle of your choice.

    However, having done work with the Border Force I know that you won't get a magazine even if you get some rounds.
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  14. Didn’t stop those bloody Polish ........ coming over here and fighting our enemies

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  15. Plenty lying around in old kit bags up in lofts.
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