Volunteering for ops and infantry role.

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Morty, Aug 12, 2007.

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  1. Hi chaps, a couple of questions.

    1) Is it possible to volunteer for op's with other Regiments (obviously other RA regiments)?
    2) How often are RA regiments deployed in the infantry role?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. 1) Erm, you could volunteer to go into OPs with another Regt, but presumably you would have to retrade to OPs, either with your current unit or the new one once you had filled out your PPP to move Regts. what's wrong with your Regts OPs?

    2) Often, but less often in the last couple of rotations as they resume traditional role too. Depends on the demand for the guns...which depends on the theatre, the ROE, the situation.
  3. I think he means operations as opposed to OP's, but I could be wrong.
  4. Yeah sorry about the confusion, did mean operations. And just to clarify, i'm a civvy, i've started the application process and am awaiting a date for ADSC Glencourse to do potential recruits course. So if these seem pretty stupid questions...that's why!

    Cheers for the reply's.
  5. Volunteer, damn the army has changed.
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    If you want to do ops as infantry, why not join the infantry?
  7. Ah then to answer that question, you can "volunteer" to go on ops - there are trawls for manpower each time an op is due to happen...there will be requests for manpower from other Regiments to fill slots in the ORBAT. As you aren't in yet, how do you know whether you will go on ops with your own Regt? I would wait for that before chomping at the bit to get away with others. Sods law dictates you would do that, then go away with your own unit!
  8. Quick question. Why are the RA deployed in infantry role?

    Why not just deploy more infantry who are specifically trained to do that job?

    Also, what's the training like for RA troops like? Because if I joined the RA and then had to go on operations trained to a sub par standard of infantry, I'd be pissed off if my training wasnt equal to that as the infantry.

    I'm miles away from joining up, 4 years. I'm just looking at all the different areas first.
  9. Have you looked at Media Ops? It means working with journalists though.
  10. I'm only really interested in combat or combat support arms. RA seems to be very ineresting.
  11. RA deploy as infantry normally in a peace support role because there arn't enough infantry to go around
  12. So gunners have to train alot more than other arms? Sounds like they're pretty valuable.

    I've posted this in the officer forum but I'll post here aswell.

    What roles do officers get in the RA? I've looked through all the documentation I've been sent, but it doesnt say anywhere. Would an officer lead a section of AS90's or light guns?
  13. Oh, we're valuable alright :D

    What do you mean by 'Would an officer lead a section of AS90's or light guns?' Gun btys have more than one officer and usually don't charge the enemy 8O
  14. Oh, I don't know, seeing half a dozen light guns being pushed towards you by some British gunners might make you turn and run!

    By lead I meant operate with them on the ground, from his own AS90/ light gun team.

    Well, because from what I've watched and read, It's NCO's in charge of a gun team or an AS90, and I wondered what the officers do. An NCO is more than capable of moving and firing his gun without an officer breathing down his I'd assume.

  15. If you joined RA, as an officer, you would then choose which discipline to go into - Field (ie Guns), GS (Radar, MLRS, UAV) or Air Defence. As your first job from YOs you would go into a Troop Commander's role in each discipline, with responsibility for 30+ blerks. And kit. Depending on the discipline, your actual job in the field would be different.

    Guns - you would become a Command Post Officer (CPO), then Recce Officer (BRO)
    GS - I think you do Recce for firing sites, radar locations, UAV launch, then CPO (different job to guns I think)
    AD - Recce again (I think) then unsure

    You do 2 1/2 to 3 years in your first job and then "by the book" you would do a non-regimental job for a bit (like going to be a Troop Commander at a Training Regiment), before returning to Regimental Duty.

    Second RD jobs:

    Guns - FOO - Forward Observation Officer
    GS - Command Post/Firing Post/BK (a bit fuzzy as I am Guns all career)
    AD - BK/Ops Officer

    As for the infantry role, as was stated, there aren't enough infantry to go around AND you can't just have Gunners sat around twiddling their thumbs because you don't need the Guns. So we deploy as Inf. Soldiers first, Gunners second (apparently). You get extra infantry training before deployment, so you aren't sub-standard, but obviously don't go through the specialised Infantry courses that an Inf Officer would. But then who would want to?

    I hope that helps. A bit.