Volunteering for a tour not with your TA COY???

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_beer_man, Mar 13, 2011.

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  1. Sorry if this has been covered before.

    Is it possible for you to put yourself foward for a tour that your TA unit hasn't been warned off for?

    Lets say OP Herrick 69 is too far away/doesn't fit in with work and OP Herrick 45 is better for you can you put yourself foward without doing an FTRS?

    I understand this is easily possible for attached arms (eg: RAMC, ENG, etc) but I'm talking Infantry here. Has anyone done it? Did it cause you a lot of shit with your Coy or Battlion? How did you go about it?

    Thanks, TBM.
  2. i was under the idea providing it was the same regiment you could as to go on any tour and they would see if they needed you.
  3. Or have a look on the RAOL/OCE and apply for them via your CoC if any take your fancy.
  4. My capbadge aren't warned off for another till 2013 from what I've been told.
  5. That'll be an FTRS though won't it?
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Easily achievable, if your unit wants it to happen. They identify which TA unit(s) are supplying the IRs for the tour that fits your time frame, adjt speaks to adjt, paperwork follows and all of a sudden Fusilier Bloggs gets mobilised to serve with the Mercians.


    1. The receiving unit has gaps that need to be filled.
    2. The TA unit marked to provide them can't do so.
    3. Your unit is willing to let you go. Sometimes COs may wish to try and keep their manpower to support THEIR mobilisation effort, not someone elses.

    A warm body is a warm body, and an Inf PID is not necessarily capbadge specific.
  7. i know a few of the guys from 2 r irish went with the mercians and there wasnt any mercian ta went with them from what im told.
  8. No most of the jobs on the OCE list are mobilisations. In the words of many before me "speak to your PSI".
  9. Not as I understand it, I'm to be mobilised for the period of the tour and POTL only.
  10. Hey ... i'm new to the site and would like a bit of pointer if poss ... i'm currently going thru the application process for the RLC ta .. due to my age (33 in june) i just missed out on joining the Regs .. so .. the TA is the next best thing and if i'm right in understanding there is a way of transfer into the Regs ?
    Also , are you limited to how much time you can put into the TA ... obviously with just missing out on Regs enrollment , i wish to be doing as much as possible with the TA ..

    Please advise , thanks in advance
  11. Stu....Same as I told you elsewhere....

    Read this.


    The Main point is, get trained, go on tour, ask your unit your out with but do it early on...Ive seen it done with the Infantry, 3 Jocks in the last two years, however what knock on effect these projected cut will have on this I dont know...Worth a try though.
  12. Cheers lads I'll speak to my CoC and see where that goes.

  13. thanks swampy ... thought i recognized your pic ... you gotta a med. date yet ?
    Also , i gotta leaflet for the summer challenge and noticed the age requirements is to 30 ?
  14. How do you get in to be a FTRS ?