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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by GDesquire, Jun 19, 2007.

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  1. What's the craic? Can anyone go along and join? I've just failed AOSB (bloody planning ex), so going back in 6 months and then hopefully Sandhurst in May. Hence, I'v got just under a year and want to get some military experience, Res SAS would be great for the experience and training. Anyone got any advice?

    Cheers guys
  2. Id tell you, but then i'd have to kill you.
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  3. don't bother - a year with the regular TA will prepare you better for the Factory - if you want to jazz it up maybe try 4 Para
  4. Or why not try the HAC if it’s a truly special forces flavour you’re after :D

    I’ll get my coat
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  5. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    In just under a year you are unlikely to gain any meaningful experience with SAS(R) beyond lots of tabbing and navigation. Helpful, but not the be all and end all of life at RMAS.

    By joining a local combat arm you are likely to gain an insight into fitness, navigation, weapon handling, CBRN, first aid, section battle drills, basic foot drill etc etc etc, all of which will feature heavily at RMAS.

    Oh, and calling your Colour Sgt "Dinger" while wearing tatty windproofs and mumbling past the knife in your teeth is not the image they are looking for in the first 5 weeks.
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  6. :) :lol: :clap:
  7. Goku.....

    Wise guy huh!!! Why I'lllllll..........

    As The Duke said, nine months of tabbing on the Brecons will not teach you that much, although you may end up the only officer ever who can read a map.

    Go for a TA version of the unit you are thinking of joining as a Reg, it will make life better.
  8. The RPOD from Dundee to Armoury House would be a little extreme....

    Best advice is join a local unit, the list is at:


    7 Scots is probably the best option, however, in 6 months I don't think you'll be through Phase 1
  9. it could take 6 months for the paperwork to get sorted before you even get attested!
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  10. Definitely don't bother with SAS (R) if you only have a year. It takes more than that to do selection and they will not want you if a year is all you have since you will do no time with the unit if you pass. If RMAS is three years away, by all means as you can then give 2 years service.
  11. Seeing as you have no previous military service, if you joined 23 in Dundee you would be sent to 15 company 4 Para for CiC anyway so cut out the middle man and give us a bell. Having past P Coy and having your wings on your shoulder will be of more benifit (IMHO) for when you go down to Sandhurst. As it stands we have 1 soldier who just left for Sandhurst in the last intake and have 2 more leaving for RMAS this year and another of to become a boot neck officer this year, so a chance to mingle with people who are doing the same thing yourself.

    Visit www.4para.com or give us a bell on 0845 433 0433 for more info. Or PM me and Ill give you the Edinburgh number direct.


  12. Thanks for the reply guys, should maybe just have a crack at regular TA then. I'm sponsored by engineers so may go and have a lok at 71 in leuchars.

    Scots, thanks for the 4 para suggestion. It's fairly tempting but I'm not sure if I'd be able to make it over to Edinburgh every week as I don't have my own car and it's a bit of a way anyway.

    Does anyone think the Marine reserves would take me? Got the idea from what Scots said about a para going to be a bootneck? I'm fairly interested in doing 59 commando sqn engineers if I get in, perhaps they would be willing to take me if I approached things from that angle?

    Thanks for the posts guys..
  13. If you only have a year before you go to Sandhurst, you won't have enough time to do the RMR Commando Course. I think it takes at least a year before you get the Green Lid. And that's assuming you pass everything at your first attempt.
  14. No dramas mate, check your PM's.

  15. Speaking of TA SAS , what the **** is THIS WEBSITE

    Some of the pictures in the galery look like genuine SF guys, some look like airsoft walts , and why is the site in Slovakia!? (I think).

    From what it looks like I can only assume the pictures are from an exercise in slovakia by 23? or they are very rich airsofters that can buy all of the correct kit. And know how to wear it properly. :lol:

    F**k knows why it's in slovak.