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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Hantslad, Feb 11, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone help me?

    I served for 5 years in the TA and qualified for bounty in every training year. I then left in July 2003, before re-joining in April 2005.

    For the purpose of time towards my VRSM, does that constitute a break in service, and I have to start from scratch. Or does it not count as a break, and my 5 years I have already done can go towards my VRSM.

  2. Sorry Hantslad. The VRSM goes to TA soldiers/officers who have completed 12 years continuous reckonable service. You also need to have attended 10 annual camps (or courses in lieu) out of the 12 possible. A break in service will take you back to year zero UNLESS you've been serving with the Regular Army/RAF/RN/RM or one of the Cadet Forces during this time - in this case it does not count as a break in service, but obviously doesn't count as reckonable service either.

    Hope this helps (or maybe not).
  3. Country Bumpkin is a little behind the times. The Territorial Efficiency Medal (TEM) had a qualification period of 12 years service with 11 of those years requiring bounty qualified/fit for role.
    The VRSM is awarded after 10 years service with 9 of those years requiring bounty qualified/fit for role. The VRSM takes into account broken service of less than 3 years. Therefore if you left the TA after 5 years service and rejoined within 3 years, that absence from the TA does not count as a break of service for the purpose of qualifying for the medal. However Country Bumpkin is right when he says you have to complete the camp qualifying events to qualify. If, in your previous 5 years TA service, you never completed a camp then you have no reckonable qualifying time. However if you got your bounty every year then you are half way towards your medal.
    Unusually regular service only counts half, to a maximum of 5 years. In my case I served 6 years in the regs so I could count 5 years at half time equaling 2.5 years towards the medal. I would have needed only 7.5 years to qualify assuming I was fit for role each year. However my break of service was over 3 years so my regular service counted for nothing. I had to start from scratch and qualified last month. If my Telic medal is anything to go by I should get the VRSM in 2010. Hope this helps.
  4. Oooh goody , qualified for a choccy medal
  5. Yes me to polar but dont know when i will see it
  6. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    well I have been waiting for 3 1/2 years now . . . . ho hum
  7. how do compulsory mobilisations count towards the VRSM? im about to start my third. :?
  8. Jackpork - I eat humble pie. You are absolutely correct about the VRSM being awarded after 10 years, not 12 years as I said earlier.
  9. So just to confirm, having qualified for bounty in every year for 5 years, then had a break of less than two years, this means that when I get my bounty for this year, I will have 6 years reckonable service for the purpose of the VRSM???
  10. that sounds right

    i have been told that time on mobilsation counts double towards VRSM.....anyone clarify??

  11. Medals again Ken? BTW - Voluntary mobilisation on compulsary terms in not the same thing is it?
  12. yep medals again in this instance

    do you never read my other posts i do write about other subjects you know :roll:
  13. OK - Sorry to bring this thread to light again...I am just coming up for 12 years service and have been bounty qualified/ffr every year so how come a WO2 receives his VRSM even though his service number is several thousand below mine?

    Not that I'm that pissed (much) but I keep get fobbed off at unit level as "its all done by Glasgow & nothing to do with us" is this true?
  14. because you haven't applied for it
  15. Service numbers and joining dates don't always match up, depending on what capbadge you both joined initially, and whether you have prior Regular Army service.

    Admin office applies for your medal - sometimes they need a gentle reminder to apply for it, as it's not a common occurrence, it's something that can get missed.

    Personally, I think it's not something that should have to be applied for - in this day of computers, APC Glasgow should be able to run off the qualifying list of people every June/July after Bounty payments have been made.