Volunteer Reserves Medal

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by siggie47, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. Does the Volunteer Reserve Medal go before or after the Queens Golden Jubilee Medal?

    For example: Op Tellic, Jubilee, Reserve. Or Op Tellic, Reserve, Jubilee?
  2. The VRSM follows the QGJM. The running order is listed in QR's (I think) and a search would probably reveal all on here.

  3. Assuming you were one of the chosen few to get a Queens Golden Jubilee medal, or a VRSM
  4. Chosen for what? Surely for both of the medals in question there are definite criteria for award?

  5. There is/was
  6. from centre outwards

    Ops - Jubillee - VRSM

  7. Whose VRSM is that, never seen that ribbon before
  8. HAC - the queens racing colours
  9. Cheers, learn summat new everyday, why though not the usual, apart from cos we're HAC, or is that it?
  10. who fcking knows matey... I could barely keep up with the Journal - let alone the history behind things :D

    (dotto marching to The British Grenadiers!)
  11. Obvious really, VRSM as awarded to rest of the Reserve Forces is not good enough for HAC ergo they have one of their own. :wink:
  12. ....along with our stealth Learjets and Demarcos

  13. Its still the VRSM, just the ribbon/ribbard ids different, its one of those tradition thingys you may of heard of

    FTR they wore the same ribbon with the TEM not sure about the TD though
  14. Not wishing to pick holes or anything, but who mounted your medals??