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Volunteer Reserve Service Medal

I am applying for a VRSM for one of my soldiers but I do not have a copy of the F/Hons/1009. Does anyone have an electronic copy they can PM to me?
Sorry to drag up an old topic, but I'm looking for one too.. JPAC told me it was on the SVPA forms website but unless I'm blind and stupid - they're bullshitting me (suprise suprise). Can't see it on armynet either
does regular service count towards it and if so how does it work.

even if somebody in the know can point me in the right direction of where to look for it
regular service not counting towards the regular LS&GC medal counts at half rate for a maximum of 5 years so if you have done 22 years as a reg and have a LS&GC you only have to do 7 and a half years for the VRSM
lemonsuckas said:
does regular service count towards it and if so how does it work.

even if somebody in the know can point me in the right direction of where to look for it
Reserve personnel shall be eligible for award of the VRSM after 10 years reckonable service in the Reserve Forces, provided that they have earned training bounty as required by their obligatory training commitment as defined in individual service regulations in 9 out of the 10 qualifying years.

Former regular service may count as half qualifying time up to a maximum of 5 years. Complex regulations apply to the use of former service and periods of Full Time Regular Service (FTRS) as qualifying time towards the VRSM and the regulations should therefore be studied in detail. Complex regulations also apply to the transition between the former separate service reserve medals and the VRSM.

Any additional period of 5 years reckonable service shall merit award of the Clasp to the VRSM.

Full details are laid out in DCI JS 53/99 and, also for the RAUXAF, AP3392 Vol 7 Leaflet 702 Annex B.

All hail the mighty Google! :roll:

Also: http://www.arrse.co.uk/cpgn2/Forums/viewtopic/p=1403233.html
does mobilised service count towards the qualifying perion on the VRSM???
if i hadnt been mobilised last year i would have been eligible for mine next october. my mobilisation has been extended due to injury so i missed last years bounty and will more than likely miss this years as well. does that mean i wont qualify. different people have told me different answers ranging from not eligible until i do ANOTHER 10 years to having to a further 2 years. even training major doesnt know
So how does mobilsed service count then? is it the same as regular service anyone with a definative answer please P.M i have nearly 8years service two?
Is mobilised service the same as the old active service ?.

Ex Lionheart in 1984 counted as active service (I learned later), presumably as it was a test mobilisation.

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