Volunteer Reserve Service Medal criteria

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by POGscribbler, Apr 19, 2006.

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  1. Volunteer Reserve Service Medal

    Has anyone got any idea what the actual qualification criteria for this medal is? and does any one know whether my former regular service or regular reserve service counts alongside TA service to qualify for this?

    Thanks folks I am sorry if these questions have been asked on the forum before, but having searched I haven't yet found the thread.
  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. Thanks matey

    Did do several searches but didn't get what I was looking for originally.

    That pretty much answers my question then.


    If I had done say 19-20 years service in the regulars at 365 days service a year and then tranfered to a TA unit I would then only qualify for a maximum of 2.5 years towards a TA long service award?

    I am now serving in a specialist unit where a minimal commitment (and nobody in actuality does less than the minimum) is 19 days including an annual camp ( I have also been amongst many in my unit, deployed on 3 ( or more) major Operational deployments).

    Many of these TA folks are also ex regulars by the very nature of the specialist unit.

    does anybody think that there is a discrepancy here?
  4. Bear in mind that ex-regular Service only counts toward the VRSM if it has NOT already been used for the Regular LSGC. You can't use the same service twice. So, if you did 20 years with 15 used for LSGC then 5 could be used for VRSM (2.5 as you quoted). The maximum Regular Service that can be used is 10 (5 years for VRSM). :wink:
  5. Thanks for that reply matey....I have actually done just short of 5 years regular service followed by a period of regular reserve service whilst at university and then (now) almost 8 years TA service including 3 periods of full time mobilisation hence my confusion about qualification criteria I have since managed to speak to my chief clerk and she has applied on my behalf.

    so fingers crossed

    something else to polish and all that.
  6. ..............and don't even mention the TD. As those who have it can now go on to get the VRSM as well.
  7. But to get the VRSM they have to give up TD/TEM Bars, and those old and bold enough to get the TD/TEM, in my experience, have been loathe to give them up.
  8. I qualfied for it woo hoo 3 medals for a hobby and my father in law did 22 in the navy and didnt get any .Not that it bothers me or him but it winds up my mother in law and she is an evil witch :)
  9. Not quite correct.

    Those who have the TD/EM have the choice of either using there service after the original award towards a bar to the TD/Em or declining the award of a bar to the TD/EM and doing the extra couple of years to qualify for the VRSM.

    Same applies to those who have already been awarded a bar and will complete enough service to gain a second bar.

    No-one should have to "give up" anything they have already earned.

  10. I recently applied to the Medals Agency for the bar for my TEM and they automatically sent me a VRSM.
    I assume then that the correct protocol is to wear both medals?

    Anybody know whether this is so or how to go about getting the bar to the TEM if it is still available?
  11. Hi BG,

    Several of my lot have both the TEM and VRSM and wear both. Admittedly they are all OR or NCO, but I can't imagine that it would be any different for Officers.

    And in reply to Mr Relaxed, several did trade in a bar plus the extra service off their TEM's to get VRSM's.

    Hope this helps,

  12. The VRSM replaced both TD and TEM (and others). As far as I'm aware, bars for either TD or TEM are no longer available, service now counts towards the VRSM. I traded in my bar to the TEM and saved up extra years to get the VRSM. Both TEM and VRSM are worn (along with others) in the appropriate order.
  13. b_flat and Tubs

    Thanks guys for your input - I'll get the VRSM mounted then!

    PS Despite the user name I only made to corporal - 22 years of undetected crime and acute alcoholic poisoning at Farnham!
  14. It could hve been worse, I qualified for the TEM, however I was sent a VRSM and got a bar barely one year later...when I enquired why, I was told that there were no more TEMs so I had to have the VRSM! TD was still available, now on way to second bar(next year), good isnt it. :roll: