Volunteer newbies wanted - test the site layout

Good CO

I've been trying hard to make it simpler for someone arriving on the front page of ARRSE to work out what it is and where to go to get to the core of it. Those being "unofficial, friendly, humourous, Army community" and the forums, but I have my concerns about how well I've done it in places. Trouble is I've run out of innocents to test it on.

Could anyone with a spare un-ARRSE-aware relative / friend hanging around please point them at the site with a loose question 'what's this all about?', watch over the shoulder and and see where they end up, how they got there and what their initial reaction was?

Thanks for your help.
just curious,
been using site about 1 month. Consider my self computer literate but only on a macintosh. It was a bit strange finding my way around at first. Worked out how to use smilys, took about a week. Uploading images took about 3 weeks of trial and error. Live near Stuttgart and if you have lots to do with this site, great stuff and thankyou :thumright:


unless the user is a complete baffoon, I don't believe they can find the current layout 'taxing', if they do, do we really want these people on the forum or at worse considering joining the services? lol
Its basically a PhpBB layout, and on the whole, the ape creatures of the andes have mastered how to use that.

Not sure about Para's though :D
Sussed. Dad, you are playing with it.

Ow ow ow

Good CO

Good point about uploading images wingers. That is something I made easier before, but upgrades have got rid of the additional link again. Having said that there is benefit in not making it TOO easy - it means that people have to have something worth publishing and reduces the time spent looking at the same internet 'funnies' that we've already had submitted hundreds of times before :)


Not a newbie but glad to see the scrolling gallery back again. It was a long absence but back for good i hope. It means i can keep an eye out for new fanny. and browse at the same time. Perfect.

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