Volunteer for mobilsation and well pay you dole money.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Tartan_Terrier, Feb 2, 2007.

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  1. Here in Denmark, as elsewhere, the armed forces are starting to feel the pinch due to commitments overseas. As such, they have decided to ask volunteers from Hjemmeværnet (the Danish TA) to apply for mobilisation.

    Up till now it's mostly Hjemmeværners with civilian trade qualifications and experience they've been looking for, but recently they have also been looking for suitable people to train as CP operatives.

    All well and good you say, but......during all pre-mobilsation training (in some cases up to four months) all they get paid is the equivalent of dole money.

    Strangely enough, they haven't been getting as many applicants as they had hoped for. I wonder why?

    Is there any other country which expects people to volunteer to go bankrupt?
  2. More or less the same in Norway.
    The Homeguard is on it's way out here as well.
    I think The Danes are a few Years ahed of us.
  3. That sucks, TT.
    Why don't you draw a cartoon about it, or something?
  4. Are they scaling down? or just simply binning it? (The Home guard,that is!)
  5. LOL, nice one gennithmedic!

    Unforunately that would be a waste of time as Denmark is a land in sorrow at present.

    Yesterday, Denmarks favourite iman, Abu Laban died. This means that it may be difficult for me to get sufficient publicity for any cartoons I draw.

    Abu was largely responsible for making sure that the entire Arabic world knew all about a series of crappy, and for the most part not very funny cartoons in a provincial newspaper.

    I'm sure that no-one would bother touring around showing my cartoons all over the Middle East.
  6. Here in Denmark, they're scaling down by cutting out the dead wood. We've had a lot of soldiers on the books who hadn't been seen for years.

    I think part of the problem was that funds were allocated by the number of personnel, as such more people meant more money, and no-one was too interested in throwing people out for non-attendance.
  7. That sounds eminently sensible!

    Do you know of anyone who's mobilising for dole money?
  8. Myself and one of my mates were thinking about it, but I can't afford to lose so much money. If I save a bit of cash, then perhaps next year.
  9. The Home Guard is being modernized.
    A lot of new kit.
    Splitting the force in 3, Rapid reaction, Follow up force and Reserve.
  10. That sounds very similar to what's happening here. How large a percentage of the total strength is the reserve?
  11. Official site
    total 50 000 reserve 30 000.