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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by seton, Nov 2, 2008.

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  1. I am a musician in the army with 17 years experience and no opporational experience. I wish to volunteer for active service to give something back and feel part of the army.
    My opporational roles are Chemical Decomtamination and general duties with a field hospital.
    If anyone can advise me on the possibilities then that would be great?


  2. Hi notes.
    Try the CBRN Regt or one of the Med Regts. The Med Regts are undermanned there, so you might get lucky...
  3. Presumably CAMus? What Band? If H Div (i.e.Coldm, Gren, SG, IG or WG) then volunteer to go with one of the H Div Bn's (they are always crying out for med staff, team medics etc). Whatever band you are with will belong to/be affiliated to a Regt or Corps, they must surely be your first port of call. Talk to your DOM, BM or BSM, they are best placed to advise. Good luck
  4. PM Biscuits_AB or Mrs Darthspud.

    Diddly diddily deee.
  5. 1 RTR are down for Telic 13 (leaving very soon) so you can probably count them out.