Volunteer DfID force to replace the TA- would you transfer?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mr_Bridger, Oct 23, 2009.

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  1. I would rather be mobilised in a military capacity with my military skills

  2. I would rather be mobilised in a military capacity with my civvy skills

  3. I would rather be mobilised in a civilian capacity with my civvy skills

  1. All,

    The military is not a vote winner as we are constantly being told, and is therefore funded likewise.

    When it comes to cuts the TA are clearly the Reserve of First Choice. It is increasingly apparent that year in and year out our lords and masters cannot afford the TA (and either haven't the balls or ability to tell you that before you plan the training year).

    There are sweeping changes being discussed for the TA on these very boards and possibly a preference to mobilising you for service with your civilians skills rather than your military ones, which may in turn be better suited to non-military organisations such as DfID.

    A hypothetical question.

    Would you as rather be mobilised using your civilian skills for a civilian organisation or your military skills for a military organisation?
  2. Mil for Mil. I'm a civvie storeman, i dont think the army needs any more of them so i would rather put my mil training to use.
  3. The last option already exists and in the IT/ICS/RSigs world, it appears their are more oppurtunities to go as a civvie than a soldier (see securitycleared.com for starters)
  4. Bit early in the day to start talking about replacements, although I do expect the TA in 6 months time wont be the same as it is now.
  5. Aaaargh! Such a skewed question! This is why despots love referendums.

    How about this question:

    "To save the TA, will you allow yourself to be mobilised as a TA soldier for your civilian skills as well as for your military ones?"
  6. To save the TA just for the sake of saving the TA? or because the MoD funding would get chopped further and then what would we do with all those regular posts that vanished? (Edited to add - the cynical option :) )
  7. the point shouldnt be what we should do with the TA to make the MoD value us more. its not us who need to change its those who make decisions, like suspending your only reserve during a war, that need to change.

    we were asked to provide individuals and formed units for an undermanned regular army. we have done so. we have done everything asked of us and done it well beyond all expectations.

    i do not think we should be looking to change the TA. We know we have been treated disgracefully and its time those who made this decision woke up to it.

    The limited size of the regular army dictates we will always need the support of a TA when the unexpected happens. this is unless we accept the fact we are going to be a minor part of a European army and our reserve may be speaking a different language. :x

  8. Ignoring the civvy option - I've no doubt there may be those uncomfortable with the answer (unverifiable as it is from this site).
  9. Not sure the military has a requirement for a nanotechnologist /mechatronics engineer... :roll: Think I'd rather be mobilised in my comms role; more fun playing with paper cups and string :-D
  10. My civvie skills are my mil role skills and I mobilise to use them already. But I wouldn't join DfID.
  11. But that's the entrance criteron in my unit....
  12. Checked out that link lately? :wink:
  13. fusilier - it is you who needs to change. You are not a reserve (as not wholly uncommitted and available to the operational commander).

    Furthermore the TA is set up in hundreds of units and subunits when the need is for individual replacements - your structure is massively ineffective.

    If you do not think you should be looking to reorganise the TA, you have missed the point!
  14. msr

    msr LE

    It's called 'footprint' and just because there is no function in your spreadsheet to calculate it, does not mean it has no value.

  15. :) boody good point!