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hi all i am looking for some help i volunteer on a website as a moderator on a site and some one has told me that i must tell work about this and that if i don t i can be disciplined. i do not get any pay or any thing for doing this and was just wondering if someone knows if this is ture

thanks larry
bonnie, its an unusual place to come for advice, however if your contract with your employer requests you advise them of any external interests you could be in breach of your employment contract if you fail to declare it.

I know you take no remuneration for the work, but contract is contract. Of course as long as the external work doesnt affect your employment they would probably never know. Just not worth the risk IMHO in the current climate where employers are looking for candidates for redundancy. Just chat it over with HR at work, and if necessary write a note letting them know.

Ah you come from the lovely Celle, was serving there 25 years ago, great town!

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