Voluntary Separation allowance

Voluntary Separation allowance, does anyone know of this and what are the rules for qualifying, I am told I can get it when posted under JPA, but have never heard of VOL SEP only INVOL SEP
From JSP 752 - have a read then post any questions you may have:

05.0117. Eligibility. Subject to the conditions in paragraph 05.0118 Service
personnel (irrespective of PStat Cat) who undertake a permanent voluntarily UnAcc
assignment in a different Theatre to the family home, will be eligible for LSA Level 1
from the 1st day of the assignment. LSA will be paid at Level 1 for the duration of the
assignment, reflecting the voluntary nature of the UnAcc service. VOLSEP does not
count towards the accumulation of separated service to progress through the LSA level
05.0118. Conditions for Payment of LSA Level 1 for VOLSEP Service.
Service personnel claiming LSA Level 1 on the grounds of voluntary UnAcc service
must be one of the following:
a. Already married or in a civil partnership on assignment to a new
permanent duty station in a different Theatre to their spouse/civil partner, who
elect to serve UnAcc for the duration of the assignment.
b. Marry or register a civil partnership during a permanent assignment and
elect to serve UnAcc for the remaining duration of the assignment in a different
Theatre from their spouse/civil partner.
c. Have served accompanied (Acc) at the permanent duty station but elect,
during a permanent assignment, to relocate their spouse/civil partner to a family
home in a different Theatre for the remainder of that assignment.
05.0119. VOLSEP When Occupying Private Accommodation. In order to be
considered voluntarily separated, a Service person occupying private accommodation
at the permanent duty station will be required to satisfy their CO that the private
accommodation is not the family home and that their spouse/civil partner is
maintaining a family home within a different Theatre to which the Service person will
return on a regular basis.
05.0120. Temporary Assignment to the Same Theatre as the Family Home.
If, during the UnAcc assignment for which LSA Level 1 is being paid, the Service
person is temporarily assigned or is sent on temporary duty to the same Theatre as
the family home, entitlement to LSA Level 1 will cease and entitlement to GYH Travel
may commence, subject to the Service person meeting the criteria for GYH Travel
(see Chapter 5 Section 2). Alternatively, there may be an entitlement to LSA, as
described at paragraph 05.0121.
05.0121. Travel to the Family Home Precluded During a Temporary
Assignment/Duty. If during the temporary assignment or temporary duty described
at paragraph 05.0120, return to the family home is precluded due to the nature or
location of the temporary assignment/duty (including admission to hospital), or if the
temporary assignment/duty is to a different Theatre to the family home, GYH Travel is
not payable and entitlement to LSA will continue. However, at this point, any previous
accumulated QS would determine the Level of LSA payable. For example, a Service
person who had previously accumulated sufficient QS to claim LSA Level 4 would be
eligible for LSA Level 1 for the period of VOLSEP. If that Service person was then
temporarily assigned or sent on temporary duty on further INVOLSEP, payment of LSA would be at Level 4 and could be increased if the thresholds for the next higher levels
were crossed during that temporary assignment/duty. On return to the permanent duty
station, payment of LSA would revert to Level 1. Any QS accumulated would count
towards future LSA entitlement undertaken under INVOLSEP terms.
05.0122. Cessation of LSA Level 1 for VOLSEP Service. Service personnel in
receipt of LSA Level 1 during a voluntary UnAcc assignment will cease to be entitled in
the following circumstances:
a. Any visit by the spouse/civil partner to the Service person’s permanent
duty station that exceeds 28 days in any 61 day period, in which case the
Service person’s status as UnAcc is to be reassessed by the unit HR admin
staff. At the first opportunity, Service personnel must notify their unit HR admin
staff of any changes, whether temporary or permanent which could affect their
entitlement to LSA. Such changes will include, but not be limited to, notification
of the arrival and departure of the spouse, civil partner, child or immediate
family at the assignment station. Failure to do so will result in the Service
person becoming liable for the recovery of any overpayments of LSA.
b. Any period of sick leave spent either at the family home or in the same
Theatre as the family home (in the latter circumstances GYH Travel may be
c. Any period that pay is not in issue, including periods for which pay is
subsequently forfeited.
d. On the 1st day of annual leave taken during the period of VOLSEP,
unless for Service reasons they are unable to return to their family home.
e. Any period of INVOLSEP away from the permanent duty station in
excess of 9 days (or, in the case of hospitalisation, from the 1st day), at which
point entitlement to LSA will be re-evaluated to determine the appropriate level
of payment (see paragraph 05.0121).
f. On the 1st day of assignment to a new permanent duty station which
does not entitle the claimant to LSA.
As clear as mud, Paywog, as clear as mud!

Not your fault, of course, but I feel sorry for you when you have to interpret that which was obviously written by a Staff Officer who did not want to be in his/her current job!


Thats the idea of posting direct from the regs - better for someone to have a read themselves then ask questions about what they don't understand/ need clarification of - if things were written clearly certain people would be looking for new jobs!!!!

thanks, sorry it took me a while, been in the field. Will try and make sense of it

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