Voluntary Redundancy - would you?

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by LAIT, Oct 15, 2010.

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  3. Over my dead body

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  1. Given that they're going to ask for voluntary redundancies (ahead of non-voluntary redundancies!), who would go for it? What's your price - because you can bet your bottom dollar they've learned the lesson from 'Options for Change'...
  2. If this was an option, who is going to pay for it?
  3. Not my personal experience, but my father in law was very glad indeed that he chose to leave in the first tranche of Options For Change - as a good but not outstanding Lt Col had he left later he would have struggled to standout from a larger crowd of ex-officers, and to subsequently develop a very successful civilian career.

    Options was a fair while ago, but I'd be suprised if the same doesn't hold true today - times are tough in the outside job market.

  4. In sum, not a lot. Something along the lines of 3 to 6 months salary if I have been correctly led to believe.
  5. Any DM(A) type people in the forum knocked up a redundancy calculator akin to the Pension Calc? That would be useful.
  6. I am led to believe the drop will come from natural wastage, i think the redundancy will be confined to the higher end of the AB.
  7. LAIT

    Given your acurate prediction that this would occur, I don't suppose you would like to predict which groups will be the subject for the "targeted redundancy"?
  8. Whats the wack?
  9. There will be no volountary redundancy-if you read the DIN it says you will be able to apply to be made compulsorilly redundant.
  10. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    DIB 2010/80 has just appeared. Can be sighted by those with a DII connection HERE

  11. I know a few "Senior" Pers that have recently PVR'd, I bet their gutted!

    It's now a waiting game to find out what the requirements are, 6 Months. Personally I would bite their hand off if the finances added up, with the current climate the Forces will be a grim place work for the next 5 years IMHO.
  12. With up 1/2 million other public servants allegedly heading for the job centre to add to the millions already there (and huge numbers are not even signed on), you'd be mad to volunteer for any sort of redundancy in the current economic climate.
  13. 4(T) do you really think that? Even if the Pers that are taking redundancy could be leaving the Army in a few years anyway through natural wastage and will join the masses in the dole queue anyway, without a healthier redundancy package that could be offered now?