Voluntary Mobilisation procedure for an ex-Reg

I apologise if this has been covered before , I have searched but haven't been able to find the answers I was looking for.

I left the Regs in 1995, I am now 37 and live abroad but I will be living back in the UK soon, within the next six months.

I'd like to do an Operational Tour if possible, before I get too old, I have looked at the possibility of joining the TA and going from there but a friend of mine who's ex-RM mobilised himself through RMR after 7 years out, went to Chilwell and that was it he was off.

How would it work for an ex Inf soldier who's been out for 14 years? Would it be possible to mobilise myself back into an Inf Bn and go on an Opertaional Tour. If so, how would I go about it?


I left the regular army in 2001, volunteered for Iraq as a regular reservist in September 2004 and by October was in Chilwell, deploying on Telic 5 in November. Unable to find anything interesting to do on my return, I volunteered again and went on Telic 7 (the rule of the thumb is that you're allowed to do 1 year in 3 mobilised service).

Back then, they snapped people's hands off who wanted to deploy because - as the reservist newsletter put it - 'they were fishing from an ever decreasing pond' (or something like that). However, with the army now fully-manned and Afghanistan the sole major theatre of operations, it's not quite as easy as it was to be selected to be mobilised. I spoke to the Called Out Services Section in Glasgow only a few weeks ago and that's what they told me.

Don't lose heart quite yet though - regular reservists are still mobilised and opportunities do still come up. I'd suggest giving the Called Out Service Section in Glasgow a ring on 0141 224 8888. If you get no joy on that number, try replacing the last 4 digits with 8887 or 8762. If they have no immediate suggestions, they will ask you to fill out an Employment Preference Proforma, which you can either get them to send to your home address or download one here: http://army.mod.uk/documents/general/ftrs_epp.pdf

When you talk to them and / or fill out the form, make sure that you indicate that you're willing to do ANYTHING and put down as wide a range of experience and quals as you can (stores, driving, team medic etc etc). This will maximise your chances of being offered something. When they get the EPP, it will go to the relevant desk officer who will look at your docs and take it from there.

I have also known lads to ring up / write to their old unit and ask whether they need any reservists to fill slots in their ORBAT for coming tours. This has worked for a couple of people I know so there's another avenue for you.

Like I said, don't get your hopes up too much and don't bank on it happening. If it doesn't come off, there's always the TA route to a tour. We'll probably be in Afghanistan for a while yet and - as always with the British army - somewhere else will come along sooner or later.

Hope that helps.
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