Voluntary mobilisation - just a quickie

Evening all, just thought id put the feelers out about voluntary mobilisation.
I was just wondering if I need to have done any specific courses in order to deploy? Just as a bit of background ive only completed CMSR a few months ago, and have yet to do any trade courses. I would have gone reg, however, im just on the cusp of being too old (33-nearly). And if anyone thinks im just a warry wannabe nig, im not, im an ex matelot and now earn shite money, wishing i wasn't a part time civvy. Any info gratefully received, cheers like!

I recently enquired and the paso said i had to be traded first and then i can go!
you have to have atleast class three trade before you can go.what is your trade going to be?
cupid-stunt said:
im in a cav regt which specializes in cbrn
Well there's only one of them. If you're a WD it's best to pop off a PM to Dr Evil as he'll know your sqn SoP on this.

If you're in the North then I know some of the lads were deployed pretty soon after finishing their basic training, they were biting at the bit to volunteer. However if you're desperate to deploy and need any additional training I don't think any OC/PSAO is going to refuse to book you on the courses ASAP.
You should be a min of Class 3 for Other Arms units and passed CIC for Inf types.

However, I did have lads from my sqn called up pre-Class 3 during Op Telic in 2003, but that mobilisation was a not the best planned to say the least!
according to my unit you need to be class 3 trade trained to be deployed. according to my coc this changes as often as the weather and different conditions are applied until you give up on the idea of going anywhere therefore less work for them to do. get yourself into a decent unit where they will support the people who want to go. just as a small footnote OP TOSCA is on the horizon next year
ten501uk said:
you have to have atleast class three trade before you can go.what is your trade going to be?
No you don't.

Edited to add- I've just read the last few posts, you should have a trade but it's not essential, especially if you do your trade in civvy street.
Click the link on this page to the Sky News item on TOSCA:


Amusing, in a The Day Today kind of way, especially the delicately-timed reverse steadicam bit, and the journalist's Orla Guerinesque stupidly deep voice.

The weather looked a bit overcast, though. If there isn't guaranteed sun, I'm not sure it's worth going.
Does anyone know where to find up-to-date info on TA RE deployments coming up in Oct/Nov? Nothing too detailed obviously but my PSI's away for a few weeks and I just need an idea of the time pre-deployment training would start etc.
cupid-stunt said:
im in a cav regt which specializes in cbrn
what sqn, i am in the same regt and we sent 3 tprs on the last telic tour theyve just got back, and all 3 went straight from doing cmsr. they had no trades, well except a car liesence( how the fook do you spell that?) which is all you need to drive a wimik

ps 1 of them was early 30's too
obamaviii said:
Ah, even better to know though there squigey - thats what i'm plannin on doin'. And it's lise...lisc.....license.

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