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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Green_Homer, Oct 19, 2006.

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  1. My wonderful degree (2:1 in Management - I am clever honest! :D ) has so far only got me stagging on a bar and thus earning money which a 5year old North Korean would laugh at :roll:

    Thus I started to think about the idea of signing up for a tour as quite frankly I need the money and am bored out of my skull serving and working with people whos IQs are lower than an especially slow amoeba!!

    With my battalion currently having blokes deployed as a formed unit it would seem that waiting for the next one to roll around will drive me insane!

    I heard somewhere (possibly here) that it is possible to phone up Chilwell and basically ask if there are individual vacancies and thus be able to deploy a lot sooner.

    Any truth in this?

  2. you could always ask your PSAO if you can do an S Type engagement - it is a regular attachment (you become a reg for the duration) and units usually preparing for ops would be glad of the extra manpower.
  3. If you go onto the army website there is information about going ftrs and mobilisation posts. They have a table of available posts which you can scroll through to see if you are the right cap badge, have the right quals etc. You don't have to mobilise as a unit.

    I myself voluntarily mobilised and it was a case of seeing the advert, saying "send me" and they did.

    Of course you'll have to do the ol' Chilwell thing but after that you can get on with the job. I had a great time and I am planning on going on another one once when the doc says it's ok to do so.

    Happy hunting
  4. Heard S Types have a 2 year min engagement? Not quite up for that, more a 6 month (plus build up and leave obviously) tour somewhere sunny :)

    ID - link please?
  5. An S Type can be as little as 6 months but normally for a year (less 6 weeks post op leave) - mind you FTRS seems pretty much the same
  6. Best place to phone is the mobilisation people at Land. They'll see is they've got a vacancy for someone with your skills.

    The answer will be yes, cos they're crying out for anyone who is fit (to deploy) and wants to go!

    You're probably best to go through your OC/PSAO/Adj though, keep the chain of command informed. Infact, your Adj should be able to do all the phoning around for you.
  7. The process is, compared to FTRS, easy and well managed. Make your application through your TA unit, they will inform Land and a place will probably be found for you.

    RTMC are very good (Honest, they are) and most units will treat you very well as an individual replacement.

    The only shortfall in the system is that you have to be called up for one theatre, even though you might have offered your services for any of the three FRY, Telic, Herrick.

    I was at RTMC with a guy desperate to go to Herrick but, mobilised for Telic whilst another guy wanted to go to Telic but was mobilised for Herrick, even though they were the same trade and rank they were not allowed to change places. (they had ticked the box on the form for both deployments)

    Other than that its a well run process.

    Best of luck
  8. Thanks all!

    Shouldn't be a major issue finding a place for an Inf tom. Not really fussed over which theatre as they all intrigue me.
  9. One of the officers at my unit asked the qualified guys (I'm not through training yet), who are mostly University students, did they want to go out to Iraq after their exams for a few months to join a sister battallion near the end of their tour, saying they should be back before term started back again!

    "What did you do over the summer?"

    "Went home, worked in Woolies for some beer money this term. You?"

    "Sorted out my halls for next year, then went to Basrah and got shot at a bit"

  10. I can't wait till they need fat old blokes
    I'll be the first to sign up
  11. I thought that was why we had to leave in the first place??
  12. Finally got through to glasgow and was told that they can no longer deal dirrectly with TA, as TA soldiers should go through their PSAO, probably means more fcuk ups and people being offered only those tours which fit with the regiments agenda's (97 sqn anyone........ )