Voluntary Cartridge Retention Procedure.

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by DrStealth, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. I just got a letter from the local plod firearms licensing office, with a bunch of plastic bags, requesting me to take samples of my used carts and cases from each of my gats 'to retain by the licence holder in a safe location other than my gun cabinet' - to hand to them in if my guns get robbed and get used in crime, to help with any future forensic inquirey.
    OK, I can see how it may help in solving crime, but is it another soon to be compusary bollocks and f**k-a-bout our sport dont need?
    I'm with GMP, anyone else got this request????
  2. Never heard of that one ,pass it to BASC or Sportsman Assoc see what they think.
  3. Seems a fairly sensible idea to me.

    Gun gets nicked, the little bastard who nicks it and uses it to rob Post Office may leave dna at both sites.

    Thus making it easier to proove the bigger crime.
  4. All firearms here are tested on purchase with bullets and cases retained at the Forensic Science Lab,makes sense to me as if any legal firearms are used in crime they can be traced.
  5. Point taken, Mr RUCFOREVER, but this is NOT Northern Ireland.

    Are you unaware that it is YOU who will be providing the initial DNA sample?

    Sounds to me like too much Big Brother-ing, especially in view of the lack of evidence that any 6.5, 7mm, or 7.5mm classic hunting and military rifles are being used in recent crime...

    tac, agin it.
  6. I'm all in favour of civil liberties but I would bet that most guns are stolen by people who know the gun owner and are therefore aware that they keep weapons in the house.

    Therefore, if your gun is nicked and used in a crime, and your next door neighbour has a lot of form, I would say that there is a strong possibility they are linked to the crime. It might help the coppers to get an armed and dangerous knacker behind bars faster.

    PS I reckon that there is prob' as much gun crime in Greater Manc' than there is in NI these days.
  7. I can see the value of this, however what hacks me off is the cack handed way in which this has been done..

    It's not IMHO, the job of individual force licencing teams to come up with a scheme like this and just carry it out. This should have been discussed and agreed with the representatives of the shooting orgnaisations and been introduced nationally as an example of mutual respect and cooperation..

    I'm also not that sure it holds water forensically - probably too many loose links in the trail of evidence to stand up in court. This smacks of an FIO having a "good idea" and folk just not properly working through the practical and political implications...
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  8. Sounds like a good idea to someone who either doesn't know anything about firearms crime or someone working for plod who has come up with an idea to impress their boss with.

    It's utter bollocks, just another box to tick to say 'look, we are doing something about gun crime'.
  9. I reckon there would be a few lads in GMP who know a fair bit about gun crime, wouldn't you?
  10. I didn't say there wasn't. I said it sounds like a good idea to someone who doesn't know about gun crime, i.e. Joe public.
  11. Just wait for the feature creep, in the last period you purchased 5,000 rounds but we have only received 4,997 spent cases, due to your inability to account for these potentially lethal ammunition components we shall be revoking your firearms certificate immediately.

    A council firearms removal operative will visit you shortly to remove your weapons to a safe place.

    Cynical, moi?
  12. The fundamental problem with anything suggested by the police however is that they have so alienated the shooting fraternity over the years that we not just do not trust them to treat us fairly and so many of us are concerned that what is today voluntary in a few years time "has worked so well" it becomes compulsory.
  13. But who can still shoot pistols ;)
  14. Someone with the correct authority :)
  15. If you are a member of a club and have pistol on your certificate, like me :) The rounds are loaded and fired at the FSL, so DNA has nothing to do with it, IMHO it is a very sensible method of recording firearms. Firearms crime is virtually nonexistent here, excluding paramilitary.