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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Aug 3, 2007.

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  1. Why is it, and please don't for one second think I'm being racist, is it that Chinese people cannot hold a group conversation without it escalating into a shouting match? It starts off at normal speaking volume and then each additional comment seems to have to be plus one or two decibels over the last.

    Are there any linguists or cultural geeks out there who can tell me if this is a cultural or language thing, or are the party using the computer next to me just rude cnuts??
  2. Is it not because they have to shout over that big wall of theres
  3. Hence the phrase 'Chinese parliament'.

    And I know better than most. College is full of the buggers...
  4. Have you heard a bloody Arab on a mobile phone, louder please noisy cnuts.
  5. LOL.... ever listened to Mrs Chimp when she is in full attack mode
  6. Mrs Frank can do a goodie too ..... being a Pole!!!

    Last week the airport complained about it. Couldn't hear the aircraft taking off!!!
  7. *snigger*
  8. I'd chuck the fcukers out of my house as a first step, possibly employing some chop-socky moves for a laugh.
  9. HA!

  10. I have noticed in my university library that volume is directly proportional to how far east genetically, each speaker originates from.

    Broadly speaking Asians are louder than Arabs, with the Chinese conquering all.

    Additionally, only the Chinese consider it appropriate to bring their children armed with beeping, handheld computer games.

    Despite the language barrier I think I was able to impress upon the offenders the error of their ways.

    Funnily enough I raised the issue of poor noise discipline in the library at a staff/student committee meeting and my personal tutor, Prof F, advised me that the best way to deal with it was to 'look suitably threatening'.

    Isn't a university education a wonderful thing!
  11. I was always told to dress up as Chariman Mao and hand out leaflets telling them how being quiet is essential for the greater good of China and that noise is the hallmark of the capitalist bourgeoise.

    Surprisingly it worked.
  12. You've never been to Dundee then?
  13. Don't you mean Liverpool?
  14. As well as
  15. By the way I have no intention of going to Liverpool to apologise...it was bad enough going there to offend the grief-junkie, soap dodging, tracky bottom wearing, perm-headed, thieving, drug-soaked, successive round of conversation voice raising scouse b'tards in the first place!!