I'm hoping someone here will be able to shed some light on married unaccompanied entitlements.

I am currently posted in Germany, have been here for 2 years and have another 2 left. I have recently got married (September) and my wife is living in a flat we have bought in the UK. It is not beneficial for her to move to Germany with me as she has a decent career and salary.

Both my HR Clerk and RAWO state that as we have chosen to live apart we not entitled to anything.

I am sure this is not the case, I think I am entitled to LSA level 1 (not counting towards LSA days). Not sure about travel entitlements?

Is anyone in the same position who can shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance.


05.0117. Eligibility. Subject to the conditions in paragraph 05.0118 Service personnel (irrespective of PStat Cat) who undertake a permanent voluntarily UnAcc assignment in a different Theatre to the family home, will be eligible for LSA Level 1 from the 1st day of the assignment. LSA will be paid at Level 1 for the duration of the assignment, reflecting the voluntary nature of the UnAcc service. VOLSEP does not count towards the accumulation of separated service to progress through the LSA level thresholds.

05.0118. Conditions for Payment of LSA Level 1 for VOLSEP Service. Service personnel claiming LSA Level 1 on the grounds of voluntary UnAcc service must be one of the following:

a. Already married or in a civil partnership on assignment to a new permanent duty station in a different Theatre to their spouse/civil partner, who elect to serve UnAcc for the duration of the assignment.

b. Marry or register a civil partnership during a permanent assignment and elect to serve UnAcc for the remaining duration of the assignment in a different Theatre from their spouse/civil partner.

c. Have served accompanied (Acc) at the permanent duty station but elect, during a permanent assignment, to relocate their spouse/civil partner to a family home in a different Theatre for the remainder of that assignment.

From my reading of the JSP you are entitled to Level 1 LSA
Definitely entitled to LSA Level 1 (from date of marriage). Depending on your wife's job, if she is on an unbreakable contract type thing you may even be entitled to involsep, this would mean no accn charges.

No travel entitlements though for involsep or volsep (that's what the LSA Level 1 is for)

Hope this helps.
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