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Not being the sharpest pencil in the box it has just taken me 2 years to realise that I may have missed out on some cash. Could someone give me a heads up before I go into the pay office to get them to have a look.

I was selected for a long course in 2005 approx 8 months. I was based abroad and was informed that I would be posted to the location of the long course and then on completion posted to my new unit. I was also informed that if my unit allowed it I could keep the quarter at my old address and the wife could stay there for the duration of the course. The unit allowed me to keep the quarter as it was a benefit for them as well as myself for my wife to keep working for them.

I was informed at this point that we would not be entitled to LSSA as i had in fact been posted. My wife stayed in the quarter (and kept her job for the 8 months) we went onto residual LOA. At the end of the course I was given my disturbance allowance to new post and an mma claim from quarter location to course and back and mma claim for quarter to new quarter move. I recieved no other claims during this time. I realise that this was voluntary and could have moved the family to the same place as the course for 8 months but this seemed pointless.

I have been chatting to some friends who are on the same type course now and have done the same thing. Some on their course are getting GYH as they are in the same theatre and others outside of the UK theatre are getting LSA level 1.

Have I missed a trick here or am I entitled to go in and ask for LSA level 1 for the duration of the 8 month course. i am currently on level 4 (or will be in a weeks time). Is there also a time frame to claim this money and if so have I missed that as well.

many thanks

By the sounds of things you may have had an entitlement to MUSA - Have a word with your FSA. - Any probs feel free to PM.

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