Volcanic ash? No thanks I just put one out!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Cuddles, Apr 16, 2010.

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  1. Well I suppose it is always a risk when you travel the world pretending to work, while leaving massive muddy carbon footprints all over the metaphorical carpets. Yet this week has seen many businessmen and indeed tourists - it is half term after all - stranded.

    I am stranded in Munich - not the worst spot perhaps although I am in a horrid Best Western hotel near the Hauptbahnof. They started clearing the streets of gastarbeiter, wheelie bins and other debris from last night at 0530 CEST!

    So I'm here, one of my oppos is stranded in London and a third is in Latvia - presumably with nothing but cheap beer and blondes to entertain him...

    Anyone else out there getting ready to extend their stay for one more night...at least?
  2. Drilling rig, North Sea.

  3. Son is stuck at RAF Akrotiri on his R&R from somewhere sandy, at least they opened the swimming pool for them and the carry out went down well :)

    Could be worse he could be on his at Kandahar like some of them
  4. I should count my self lucky I only have to get the Bus to work!

    I still think it was caused by Gorgon Brown hollowing out a volcano for his new lair. He will be the next GB Dictator!
  5. Stranded in Frankfurt at a hotel in middle of nowhere by the airport. Meant to be in Stavanger/Haugesund.
    Not sure I'll get out of here today either! Just wish my departure from Bangkok had been delayed a day, I'd still be at home damn it.
  6. I have an engineer stranded in Barcelona at the McLaren Test Track.... he is rather happy about it as it happens... I on the other hand will be doing battle with AMEX this morning to make sure he gets everything he needs FOC to make up for missing the weekend
  7. Drive to work this morning was great, hardly anyone on the A120 to and from Stansted, and driving South tonight should be relatively easy as well.

    Should be interesting on Monday when the schools go back, I wonder how many teachers and kids are stranded after being on their easter hols??
  8. Left Haugesund a couple of days back. You're not missing much.
  9. My week in Dubai now binned. Now considering ferry to Dublin instead but its fully booked today except for foot passengers.
  10. My bold. Last time I was in Munich as a young FOO I stayed in the Hauptbahnof itself, only to be playfully kicked awake by the GCP at 0600 CET and told to move on. Still, that was during the Oktoberfest when hotel rooms couldn't be had even for ready money as they say....
  11. I might have to take the Hbf route - there is some mini-Oktoberfest this week and the hotels are ominously full. I've got to move out of this shit pit - Cristal Best Western it is cake and arrse! So I might have to throw myself on the mercy of the RC Church...I saw some of their do-gooders doing good last night and Bavaria's down and outs make the cider swilling crusties of the West Country look like they are not even trying!!
  12. Well I have just spoken to our Engineer stranded in Barcelona and told him to book himself into a nice hotel and get himself to the bar....oh...and keep all his receipts....
  13. I have never liked the Bastard W4nker chain of hotels - had a nasty experience with one in Peronne who tried to pretend they hadn't received my booking - because they stood to make more dosh out of the Dutch family that had arrived on spec. Thank heavens for good personal admin or as I like to call it...blind luck.

    The Cristal was characterless, noisy but not ambient, stuffy, small beds, shit pillows and tiny foot-bath masquerading as proper one. When i asked for another night their attitude was "we're full, p1ss off" not even a have you tried our sister hotel. Boxhead cnuts.

    I insisted in only replying to him in German on check out and pretending his English was difficult for a native speaker to understand. I haven't decided what to do with the key which I gave to him but he then left on the counter after thanking me for returning it. Isar River sounds favourite to me.
  14. On "Radar Virtuel.comm"there are only 17 aircraft in the air in the whole of Europe and they are all down by the Med
  15. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    As Cuddles fights his valiant rearguard action against hostile and humourless Huns perhaps we should dust off the 1940 plan for the mass evacuation of British subjects from Europe. The RN lacks the ships needed to get everybody away but there are plenty of gin palaces on the south coast that could be pressed into service.

    Of course, the one advantage with this volcano thing is at least this time the Luftwaffe can't strafe the beaches