Volcanic Ash Cloud - Irish Airspace closed

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cuddles, May 3, 2010.

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  1. Oh, sometimes I think the world is designed just to fuck me up. After being stuck in Munich for six days under the cloud, I thought I had done my time. Yet no, with less than 48 hours to go until jetting off to the Fenian Bride's motherland, the Icelandic cloud is once again fecking with the world of Cuddles.

    Should you be an Icelandic tourist in the south-west this night and happen to break down on the Explorer 155 map-sheet...may I suggest you keep walking instead of approaching the charming house at the end of the lane - as a dog being set on you may offend?

    What worries me is we are supposed to be flying with Ryanair...the miserable sods probably will down tools in case they inadvertently cause someone to be stranded - at their cost! Anyone wanting a cottage in Mayo for the weekend?? :x
  2. Thay have a couple of planes in the air now on Virtuel Radar, are they just f**king you about, or flying empty planes
  3. The closure (as described on the Beeb website is until 12.00 Tues: not clear if that's a solid prediction or indefinitely extendable. Good luck on rescuing your weekend if the former.

    Question: saw an account that there had been an earthquake on Katla. But could only source it to a science website which also contained many tinfoil-type and apocalyptic predictions. Does anyone know a good and reliable site (preferably in English) which gives the seismic latest?
  4. Radar Virtual.com gives the extent of the cloud in its "Layers" page and it is running NW/NE across the Northern Hebridies to about Aberdeen
  5. EEJIT never thought of taking a boat did you? Nor did you think of flying into Belfast,getting pissed,and taking a bus to dirty Dublin,never a train from Belfast,with a bar thats' open!!
  6. Cuddles, the latest met forecasts can be found here, just scroll down for today's update. Hope it is useful;


    I am afraid it doesn't look great for Ireland.
  7. Given the way the plume seems to be moving, the 0100A and 0700A updates will be interesting.
  8. Thanks chaps. To answer the critics, not only have I thought of taking the boat, I was booked on tomorrow's ferry to Rosslare by 0745 hrs this morning. So that's then a short hack up to Boyle - not as short as Knock Airport to Boyle but inshallah.

    The IAA guys seemed optimistic but the met boys filled me with concern, as did the vulcanologist who R4 trotted out just after your man from the IAA. I now see that normal ops are scheduled to resume from 1300 today. Ah ballocks!

    so the extra cost of the ferry, is offset by the lack of a hire car in the auld sod. Which means I get to take my trusty Disco over the water. Much more survivable in the drunken aftermath of pub closing time than a Focus stationwagon!
  9. Oh and countymounty - at the planning stage, course 2 was indeed "Fly to Belfast, get pissed, overnight, then drive to Boyle".

    I am still a bit raw but after my German stranding under the Asch-Wolke, I am not going to feck about. So, to Fishguard and beyond!
  10. Well I feel pretty smug this morning, having just visited the IAA web-site!

    Not only have I risk-proofed my holiday, it looks like that cnut Ryan is going to have to pay up too. Thank you Haephaestus, a libation to you!