Voices from the Afghan front line

Voices from the Afghan front line

UK troops in Afghanistan have been giving first-hand accounts of their experiences during Operation Sond Chara, which saw coalition forces seize control of four key Taleban bases.
Lt Matt Roberts, 59 Independent Commando Squadron

It was a dark cold winter morning as our helicopter landed.
I observed, through my night-vision goggles, groups of Taleban beginning to flee as waves of Chinooks started landing in the vicinity of the Nad-e-Ali area.
An entire Company strength of Royal Marines dominated the area leaving the Taleban with no other option than to flee.
I was tasked with the construction of two patrol bases. After conducting a night-time bridge reconnaissance, the route was secure and accessible for our vehicles to move into an Afghan compound.
As our vehicles arrived on site, the night sky was lit up by tracer... as the fleeing Taleban contacted the advancing convoy.
My Section of Royal Engineers showed extreme bravery and commando spirit as they provided mobility support to the convoy in order to make the route trafficable.
That was then us set for the next two weeks... as both the weather and the enemy tried everything it could to stop our progression.
[The Royal Engineers'] Herculean efforts ensured the successful construction of two patrol bases, most of the time under enemy
Well, concidering 59 isn't an independant squadron, and hasn't for nearly 2 years now how are we supposed to take his account on the OP seriously?

This to me just sounds like he wants to big himself (and his section) up, rather than telling us what actually happened.

I bet he kissed his dagger on his shoulder after he wrote that.

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