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2 of Ken's books have now been reviewed and those of you who have fond(!) memories of tours in Ulster may like to have a look at them.

They can be found in the Book Reviews;

A Long Long War

Bloody Belfast

Well worth a look and please leave any comments you may have against each review. Ken may have included a lot of interviews but I bet there are just as many stories on Arrse waiting to be told.

Edit to add that a review of Ken's third book will come out in the autumn when the book is reprinted. That is "Bullets, Bombs and cups of tea" Keep an eye out for this one.


Thanks for that A Y. Did read the reviews, reminders of things we want to forget but don't, and shouldn't.. Ballykelly, Lisburn, L/Derry, Omagh. Curr, Ballygawley. Close up, real, in your face, killing grounds. Nowhere (perhaps) near the scale of current theatres nor the bad news we get so often in these times. Today's troops, families and muckers are a new generation. How proud we are of them too, it must be said. Awesome.

"That's enough, we're not Americans.." ;-)

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