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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by scazza, Mar 21, 2006.

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  1. Can anybody help me with Soldier Voice Procedure? I'm writing a book/script that involves a few scenes involving soldiers on a reconaissance mission and I'm trying to research the lingo they would use over the radio. Could anyone help me create a mock dialogue which would be realistic? I'd need to know things like - What they would call each other over the radio and report a sighting of the enemy... that kind of thing.


    One more question. Do soldiers like SAS even use radio on a recon mission, due to the possibility of the enemy picking up their transmissions?
  2. "Broadsword calling Danny Boy, come in Danny Boy"

    Sorry, I coudn't resist.
  3. Hi Scazza.

    I remember once on a HF cadre hearing the following.
    " Broadsword Calling Danny Boy, Come In Danny Boy". I think that would sound great in a film/book. There was also the immortal " Mork Calling Orson".

    Nanoo Nanoo.

    Hope this helps. :lol:

    Edited to say :cry: DAMN He Beat Me To It :cry:
  4. how about

    .....CONTACT....WAIT OUT...............

  5. Dont sweat it SS, thats whats known as compound humour. Clearly, twisted minds think alike. :D

    Dont worry Scazza, I'm sure you'll get a serious response eventually.
  6. What ever you do please dont have

    "Over and out" winds me up constantly!!!!
  7. scazza....time spent on research never wasted.

    i believe even the SAS use radios, although apparently theirs work.
  8. Nope they jsut use 'secure mobile' phones as they are 'special' :)
  9. Come on then Scaz, are you a journo or Steven Speilburg in disguise?? Whats the 'script' for??
  10. Give us the scenario that you want reporting over the net and we'll come up with your VP for you......

    Given that they use Spider sense to relay information over vast distances via the power of their minds- the SAS don't use radios - but we can pretend can't we.

    So what do we have, three T 72 and Pl dismounted infantry in the open, 200 hundred metres north of my location?

    I'm getting into this....

    LostBoss viewed the scene before him through the scope of his high powered sniper rifle. He clenched his lantern jaw. "I hate commies but love my girl" thought the strongly heterosexual hero of two wars and a fight in a chippie.

    "Dagger control this is lone wolf, the eagle ha landed - unleash hell on my signal, that's my call for the record red"

    Oh yes.... Don't use the quote above without naming me in your acknowledgements.


  11. Arr, Me thinks Sandman and Sweatysock need to get together, who'd have so much in common. :D

    Its a script and a novel, but the script is coming first. (for a movie) (by the way) But thats a while off.
  12. Hahahaha!

    What, then do you propose they use? Homing Pigeons?
  13. I will happily help if I get an invite to the premier (oh and a cut of the royalties!!!) :)
  14. You want realism:

    5 seconds passed and a tinny voice boomed over the headpiece "lone wolf this is 98A - through me over"
  15. If the script is about Brits don't ever use recon. In the British Army it's a recce.