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Voice Procedure 2

Cheers for the input yesterday guy/gals. Got a few more questions.

Would the soldiers on a Recce give the enemy codenames? Would each enemy group get its own code name. Also is there a standard slang or code word for an enemy vehicle and boat?
yeh like big bad man 1 and 2?? enemy vehicle ya might call a car maybe? oh and as for the boat as its in a forrest maybe call it a bus or a truck maybe?

Im sorry dude but when ya ask questions like that we cant help but laugh!
The enemy is the Bushy tree at 2 o`clock. Thats what they told us in training!. If its a particularly cunning Bushy Tree then you may find that it has moved covertly to 5 0`clock when you weren`t looking. In my 12 years I never did see one and I definitley never saw one driving a Vehicle of any description!

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