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Cheers for the input yesterday guy/gals. Got a few more questions.

Would the soldiers on a Recce give the enemy codenames? Would each enemy group get its own code name. Also is there a standard slang or code word for an enemy vehicle and boat?
Why yes old chap. Enemy codenames can range from theatre to theatre. the generic codename for an enemy group is " LABOUR PARTY". For a vehicle it is "2 JAGS" and for a boat it is "CHERIE"(full of seamen(think about it)).

If you require anymore Covert/Overt Military Codes. Check out this site.
British Military Codes( Top Secret, So do'nt tell anyone)
yeh like big bad man 1 and 2?? enemy vehicle ya might call a car maybe? oh and as for the boat as its in a forrest maybe call it a bus or a truck maybe?

Im sorry dude but when ya ask questions like that we cant help but laugh!
The enemy is the Bushy tree at 2 o`clock. Thats what they told us in training!. If its a particularly cunning Bushy Tree then you may find that it has moved covertly to 5 0`clock when you weren`t looking. In my 12 years I never did see one and I definitley never saw one driving a Vehicle of any description!
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