Voice over Internet Protocol

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by 11D, Feb 13, 2006.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Was just wondering what peoples experience of VOIP was and whether or not it was worth investing in this gadgetry?

    I currently have a big boradband pipe connected to my laptop and as I understand it, if I buy a VOIP phone and plug it in, I can ring anywhere and it wont cost me anything??

    What are the drawbacks?

    Do these benifits outweigh the drawbacks?

    Any reccomendations on handsets/kit??
  2. Rather than trying to type an explanation at my usual low speed, I shall pass on the following advice:

    google "skype"

    as I don't think you're working on a project. :D
  3. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    I get it, so basically my muckers need to have this skype jobby installed for me to call them.

    If I want to call mobil;es I need to top up credit on skypeout?

  4. Drawbacks:
    Can't call emergency services.
    Computer off, phone off
    connection can vary at peak times

    anyone also on skype you can call for free
    There is also chat function
    Skypeout reduces overseas phone bill drastically (will need paypal account)
    E.g. BT to East Africa for 45mins roughly £35. Skypeout to East Africa for about an hour €8

    if you call regularly overseas, buying a handset will pay for itself within 2 or 3 calls.

    Laptop Voip handset

    It is the way forward stops mass pouring of money into BTs coffers
  5. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Thanks SBP's.

    There are a few good deals on VOIP phones on the Maplins website at the moment
  6. Skype is the way forward but it's only free if it is Skype to skype. In reality you will save about 15 -20% on you calls.
  7. I think it's ok to post links to commercial sites...well, I'll find out if it isn't....

    This might be of interest:


    Calls to UK Landlines and certain other places (look at the rate schedule) are free at the moment.
  8. I use skpe on a regular basis to keep in touch with family overseas. It gets my vote . . though during peak times the voice can become a little distorted (hall echo effects etc).

    VOIP has been about for a quite a while, indeed lots of gaming software use VOIP.
  9. Netgear and Skype have got to together to produce a mobile handset that can be used at any Wireless Hotspot. It looks just like a Nokia too!!


  10. Main thing is to check and see how many people you might phone have Skype. Then, check how many have it switched on at all times. When it is used it is good. My problem is that not enough of people I call have it.
  11. If you're calling long distance then it might well be to family in which case there's every chance they can get Skype too. My wife toals to family in Africa who are on dial-up and it's fine both ends. I use it for UK landline calls to save on the mobile. Do remember that 0870 numbers aren't 2p perminute - I got blasted on that last week. All in, Skype's excellent once set up with a decent headset.
  12. For Skype you just need a good headset with a mike - its a waste of money buying a "Skype" phone. By the way Skype uses a non - standard version of Voice over IP, but it works OK. If you have a router you can buy an IP phone (plugs into an Ethernet port on the router) and join a company such as VOIPTalk (its free). You then dont have to have your PC on, and you get a free 0870 number for incoming calls from landlines/mobiles. You can also purchase credit to call out to landlines/mobiles. All calls from IP to IP are free.
  13. That looks cool, although not available yet 8O

    I'm assuming I'd be able to use that with my wireless router at home, which would mean I dont have to have my pc on? This is why I havent bothered with skype yet - dont want to have to leave pc on permanently just incase I get a call.

    Am I seeing this right or talking out my hoop?