Voice of Boxing Dies


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Any others much the wrong side of 30 used to watch 'Fight Night'? Was shown on Granada, plus other ITV channels outside the south?

Reg & Jim Watt used to commentate - Gutteridge describing what was happening, Watt describing why. Learnt more about boxing listening to those 2 than you would learn about footy listening to its commentators.

The show featured a good variety of fighters - real journeyman (I remember Seamus Casey, from Derbyshire), and also up and coming stars (the Christie brothers both appeared).

When ITV also used to show the big fights which had happened in the States - thinking of the likes of Holmes, Spinks & Hagler here - didn't Gutteridge & Watt also provide commentary?

(Imagine that - being able to watch boxing, rugby & cricket without having to pay!)

Some fond memories.

Hope he's enjoying the ring side seat in the sky.


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David Vine has also passed away so its two notable broadcasters who have left us.
I haven't read the links, so if I'm quoting something from them, forgive me.

There is a tale about Reg. Aparently, he was at a boxing dinner sitting next to Sonny Liston. Sonny was taking the p1ss out of him because Reg was only a pundit. With that Reg asked for Sonny's steak knife and plunged it into his cork leg ( lost the real one at Normandy) Liston was fcuking stupified when Reg said, "now you do it".