Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by emptyeye, Jan 4, 2006.

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  1. For those who are interested, and want to see this old place again, its now a nature park from 01/01/06. The belgians have moved out and handed back everything, some of the impact areas are still out of bounds though (not that i want to go skipping along inside them)

    Open from 10:00 am every day and from the 21/01/06 there will be a visitors centre open.

    Im not sure if running up the 323 steps is still compulsory though!!!

    Heres how it looked in 1934

    Heres how it looked in 1991

    And now in 2005, note the belgians have done a lot to improve the roads in 50 years...NOT

    I intend to go this year if i can.........
  2. A lotta years ago, I remember doing a Section in Defence shoot using the range which looks out over the lake. Got a reet good bollocking from Sir 'cos I went off on one watching 2 courting European Buzzards, circling overhead..........AND the sun was out!!
  3. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I seem to remember a Nazi eagle built into the brickwook which had had the swastika replaced by a window. Not sure if that is it on the front of the steps in the '34 and '91 pictures. Some time ago now.
    Also remember a platoon in defence shoot at night across the river. Something like 15,000 rds expended for.......6 hits.
  4. The fules who thought that they knew always used to say '.........of course, this was a SS training skool...........'
    And, as a bumptious know-it-all, I used to say 'Actually, Sir, it was a Political Leadership School for the NSDAP.........'
    I had few friends.
  5. Yup your right, the swastika (banned to show in public display) was taken out to be by a window.

    And Range 2 in 2005 and the sun is out!!!

  6. Yeah i know, no SS to be seen at all (actually they provided the guard force)
    That would be the guys in black uniforms then
  7. Agreed.......but that's pre-war SS-VT. Thereafter, the Politische Leitung were responsible for ALL admin tasks.
    The place was always a Party Leadership School.
  8. In the late 70s/early 80s there was also that eagle-shaped big patch of young green trees within the forest opposite the main buildings. I hear its been re-planted yet again, to break up the outline.

    Whilst on patrol in the woods somewhere near Vogelsang, we came under "accidental" rifle fire from some hunter. After the tenth round, it became apparent that it wasn't accidental, but that the unseen Herr Hunter was obviously still hacked off about the Allied victory...
  9. Even all the times i went there..never could make it out and cant find any offcial reference to it either, wouldnt suprise me though.
  10. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Yeah that's the one. I seem to remember it being much more distinct than that, but that's what memory does for you.....or the photo.

    The eagle in the trees is noticeable in autumn as the trees used fade to brown earlier than the surrounding ones and it is very visable. There are some photos on the board somewhere that show it quite well.
  11. Yes, maybe thats it. From higher up on the ridge, it has a much more distinctive outline of the Nazi eagle. When I first saw it, it was very sharp and well-defined - you could even see the hooked beak. It was also made up of bright green trees, which stood out against the darker conifers. I haven't seen waht it looked like in the 40's but I suppose it was a clearing in the forest. Looks like its been extensively reforested now.
  12. I only went here 4 time as a sprog but never remember the trees as described. Urban myth like the one legged SS ghost ? -Stumpy as we called him .

    I do know that there was swastika planted outside Berlin at Zernikow which was only cut down in the last few years. I can see how it lasted as the easties living local did'nt want the Stasis to pick on them.


  13. I remember all of the legends surrounding Vogelsang. Isn't there some sort of ampitheatre with a tiled mosiac floor surrounded by Ayrian males, all with their heads rifle-butted off.
  14. The swimming pool had mosaics at each end on the walls of naked athletes, Quite a few statues around the place of Arian men damaged by large calibre bullet holes, can't remember the amphitheatre. Went to a lecture by 1 of the civilian administrators who gave a 30 min spiel on the history of the camp. Very interesting but put a bit of a dampener on all the good rumours like, SS baby factory and medical experimentation camp. Had a couple of very memorable range camps there.
  15. I can remember a bleedin bit fat Belgian who used to drive a tank over your head whilst crouched down a manhole, after passing over you you had to leap out and pretend to throw a molotof cocktail at the tank. Then we would all jog off down the range and have great fun throwing real ones at a burnt out hulk.

    I can also remember the night shoots, lovely firework display with tracer etc, complete waste of time and ammo.

    Oh! those steps each morning, the pain the pain!

    2 weeks each year of my life for 5 years, wasted, but better than the normal deployment to some shitty factory of farm for a few weeks.