Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by rassman, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. Battle camp owned by the belgians??? two weeks of sheer hell, gunny was in his element or we were in his playground, battle innoculation to get you started, p1 assault course, nbc attack and working enviroment. the big eagle in the forest.

    Does anyone have old pictures or links where I can find out about this place, the rumour was it was used for the arien race and it was only select prostitutes kept there for a new breed of pure third reich??
  2. Vogelsang was/is an amazing place, last time I was there the buildings still had the bullet scars on them. We were told it had been built as the training facility for the parents of the master race....

    There were also several areas inthe forests that had been made to look like a swastica and an eagle, they had been disguised by planting trees on them, that then grew into the shape of the swastica and eagle... great disguise that was!

    I don't think I still have any pictures. Ill take a look though just in case.

    We even set fire to one of the ranges there, its on the other side of a lake. I suppose we shouldn't have been using tracer during a long hot summer. still you live and learn
  3. ISTR a Hitler Youth camp, and a fab bar.

    The nice big 15 PARA sign somehow got nicked, owing to a combination of alcohol and Green Jackets. Sentries shouting HALT and cocking their weapons at the backs of the fleeing, giggling robbers.

    Digging in, trench next to me covered at ground level by an old style poncho, completely horizontal and just the head of the bloke on stag visible...
  4. Ah, Vogelsteps ! I was told that it had been built as one of the maternity hospitals for the SS, but more sober sources suggest it was an Ordensburg, wich seems to be an educational establishment. The eagle and swastika was still there in '92, as were the stupid number of steps ! Top Belgian drinking hole though ;-)
  5. i remember the lake range and also remember the fire, it may be co-incidence due to the season and tracer. i could barely make out the eagle.
  6. I concur Flipper was all still there Oct 92 when I went through wearing a funny coloured helmet having the Belgiques fire gimpeies above our heads and having a famous boxer Howard 'the Battersea Bomber' Eastman go loopy on me in the mock NBC thingy with flashing lights that made us dive like Peter Kay in his adverts to the ground! Oh and a certain RAng RSM badged Queens at the time asking why 3 of us was standing around outside the Belgian bar half an hour before it opened being told by Pte Tagg 'We're waiting for it to open!' and RSM scuttling off calling us alcholics and the like! Those were the days!
    The Three Must Have Beers! Huzzar!!!!!
  7. Is that the place where the mad Belgian git drives a tank over your head a la Sven Hassel and then you crawl for an eternity under machine gun fire with suspicious looking helmets on your bonce?
    And punishment for offenders was Pokey Drill!
  8. Being chased all the way to the accm. by those lovely war dogs trying to bite your ass off....then outside 5 mins CFT kit go!!!! getting beasted all the way down to the lake thinkin this is f**kin easy only to get turned round at the bottom !!!!! Yep you guessed it head all the way back up the way we just come down.....and those friggin step's....the place was sheer HELL...but look back with fond memories off falling out the belgique bar!!!!!!
  9. Remeber it well. was told at the time it was used as the boys from Brazil type of affair. providing the future reich with the correct Nazi race.
  10. Rassman, Gunny was certainly in his element, what a guy. Any ideas where he was posted.??. The regi smoker on the last night was also very good. They ripped (us) the DS apart.
  11. Yes mate i remember that, and then you had to chase the bloody thing after it had run you over, jump onto it and pretend to lob a grenade down the the hatch, they even had us doing it in pairs, dozy gits..

    Also the 4 million steps up to the cafe to get Pomme frites mit mayo, it always seemed we climbing up hill somewhere but never going back down very often.. :roll:
  12. Some people want to turn it into National park ?


    History: (very short version)

    Hitler's dream to build a perfect training centre for his Reich three institutions to complete all training of political directors/conductors of the Nazi party, to be called Vogelsang "Birds Sang".

    During the War it was used as a hospital and a number of other military requirements and as a "Adolf Hitler school" for boys aged between 12 and 18 years.

    The Ordensburg Vogelsang was built in a short time between March 1934 and April 1936. It stands on top of a cliff overviewing the Urft lake. In June 1946 the British Army transforms Vogelsang into a training area (In some history books the US 9th got there first).

    On 1 April 1950 the Belgians take over Vogelsang.

    Vogelsang is located in Germany right across the Belgian border at about 150 km east of Brussels and some 60 km south-west of Köln. The training area covers some 6.354 ha (43 square kilometers).

    Should it be open to all if the current owners were to leave ?

    I think it should, to show both sides of History and since it was also used as a hotel in 1938 - 1941 it should be again !!!!!. :twisted:
  13. Can we have the english version of the web page?
  14. Maple Fire '02

    Probably the finest European exercise I have taken part in.
    For once, living in the buildings. Having flown the 2ic down there for the ex area recce, we were going to be in the woods!! :cry:
    Large dry areas for planning, briefing sleeping and socialising.
    Minimum cam nets, cookhouse in the church. (Bread & Fish!)

    FAC'ing the fcuk out of the Nurburgring and local area with the A10s + F-16s.

    Thanks to all who attended for making it a memorable last exercise for an ageing Sid!

    SS passing behind the Church.

    Do you still fly around in big noisy helicopters with whirrey blades, glass windows and lights, visors down with cam cream on your face?! :?
  15. Gunny is alive and well. Unfortunately he is in the morale vacuum that is 9. Still, he should get out and about again soon.......