Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by AltairDraco, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. When i was working in the officers mess with the 5&9's we went to Vogalsang.Joe the mess barman was pretty well hung,i used to hate waking him up in the morning,cause his bed sheets used to look like an old army bell tent.Anyway one night in Vogalsang,Joe decided to do a zulu warrior and the look of the Co's face when Joe dropped his pants,was hilarious.The Co's eyes went as big as saucers when he saw Joe's equipment and the Belgian naffy girls giggled and said what a beuty.lol
  2. So you are saying that you are gay?
  3. watch your mouth oops looking at that mouth in the piccy you have sucked on a few ass hole.
  4. Could you be more descriptive about his manhood?

    length, girth, pubis rep ie: trimmed, wild and bushy, shaven. Was he cut or uncut? Did it have a lean? could you fit it in your mouth or bottom?
  5. I don't care how big Joes c0ck was mate ... you can't just come on here and shout Vogelsang at people ... now I have to drink to stop shaking and it will be cold sweats and bad dreams tonight. You inconsiderate b@stard!!!!
  6. listen m8 back in the rearly 70's there was no such thing as pre-ops or tranny's,as for Joe he ended up marrying a women with 5 kids.
  7. I'm sorry, it may be an in-joke and I'm just out of the loop, but where the FCUK did this thread come from??!!

    I tell ya, I have to wonder about the site when a thread is started that, to all and sundry, seems to be nothing more than hero worship of a fairly well hung fella. Compensating are we, Altair? Or perhaps I should call you 'Joe'? Is that it? Are you just blowing your own trumpet? (no pun intended)
  8. Yes,well, I get accused of posting some pretty weird stuff ( which is true!) but this one has me mystified. Vogelsang....my German is crap these days, but Birdsong? Some kind of nightclub? But that still doesn't add much point ( snarf,snarf) to the story. And what....?

    This pehaps? http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2K8_jgiNqUc
  9. I see you are intent on a career in the higher offices of the Royal Army Chaplains Dept.
  10. Vogelsgang.... "everything* was uphill...
  11. Please tell me this is a WAH;

    Surely thre's not a single squaddie who has not at least heard of Vogelsang, if they haven't actually been there.

    I was fortunate enough to have sampled the delights twice. :scratch:
  12. Mitchthebar, Last time I was in Voglesang it was under the control of the Royal Netherlands Army ('bout eleven years ago I think) so it's quite possible that newbies have never heard of it.

    scrofula, Fcuking marvelous place - I loved it both under Brit and Dutch ownership
  13. Do be no Wah Mitch, I am a humble civvie!
  14. I was 'fortunate' enough to do 3 battlecamps there, and yes, the whole damned place was uphill - even running 'down' to the lake for early morning beastings felt like it was 'up'

    Amazing place though all told (couldn't comment on well endowed bar staff though :? )
  15. For those that have never been:


    Vogelsang! Where down was up and up never ended. Quite a spooky place at night....when we weren't singing Rhinestone Cowboy on the way back to the block and waking up the Jock grunt unit that was there.

    Im sure I left a piece of lung on one of them hills. 8O