Vodka Jelly

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by iamalondoncrab, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Got bored and decided to do some cooking.

    Hopefully it'll be set in a couple of hours and then I can try it.

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  2. That's my first time posting phots btw... they're in the wrong order, but never mind.

    Here's a photo of it going into the fridge.


    1 packet of Hartley's Raspberry Jelly
    250ml water
    250ml Smirnoff

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  3. The trick is not too much doesn't set properly otherwise :(

    However vodka slush is just as nice ;)
  4. The real secret is not to use near boiling water as you would making kids jelly, but warm water...... no warmer than about 54 degrees C. Otherwise the alcohol evaporates, defeating the object of the 'game'.
  5. Also a good idea to pour it into those german disposable shot 'glasses'..... not that I have ever done this sort of thing before :wink:
  6. I disagree. As far as I'm concerned "too much voddy" is a contradiction in terms.

    Well, the moment of truth has arrived; I'll just go to the fridge and... it hasn't set properly. My fridge reeks of vodka and that horrible antibiotic syrup I used to get as a kid, and a couple of insects have fallen in the not-jelly and drowned.

  7. Oh god it's fallen over.

    Oh god it's sinking into my keyboard.

    Oh god it's sinking into the carpet.

    Oh god

    Oh god
  8. Also try:
    Watermelon. Cut small opening in top place funnel in hole, fill with vodka, Leave in fridge for a day / overnight. serve as normal after meal.

  9. In Germany used to throw the Vodka into a kettle (leaving the lid off, boil Vodka, then pour into a Pint glass with the Jelly, place in the fridge. SSM's Inpection, saw the jelly, asked why we had jelly in the fridge, said we're all big kids and we like the stuff, he digs in with a spoon and nearly chokes to death it was that strong.
  10. Doesn't Alcohol have a lower boiling point than water ? Wouldn't the alcohol in the vodka evaporate before the water is at 100 C ? :?

    I'm no expert BTW !
  11. Got it hot enough to melt the Jelly!!!