Vodaphone top up.

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by cent05zr70, Mar 13, 2013.

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  1. For some years I've topped up using a registered credit card. Tried to top up yesterday dial 2345 stupid cow says "Thank you for calling. Please disconnect"
    OK, I'll get a Top up voucher. Aha! Can't top up with that because you need to dial 2345 to activate that."Tyfcpd"
    Any ideas?
    Where do these twats live? I would like to petrol bomb them.
    Update. I managed by a circuitous route to top up using my card. Right I thought, I'll bung the Top up voucher on as well....can I ****. "Thank you for calling, please disconnect" even though the credit is credited I can't bung the voucher on the bastard thing.
    There's lots of ways to Email the twats, what's the number to phone them?
  2. All you do is bitch and moan! Get a life.
  3. 0844 818 90 77
  4. Prince Albert. Kindly shut up. I enjoy it. It's kept me going for years.
    Please go and swim 11 meters (sic)
    Thank you NowIC,
  5. Shoot yourself in the face
  6. Pissed by 18 06? Go back to your chosen job, you peurile penile pimple.
  7. Top up online. Buy credit for your phone, tablet, i Pad, dongle or Mobile WI-Fi device hassle free.
  8. I think he's probably concocted a solution in the interfening months between his last post and yours, you balloon-knot inhaling cum trumpet.
  9. It's small wonder you've won the Vodaphone Customer Service Manager of the Year title 3 years running old son.
    Keep up the good work
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  10. Pay as you go is for pikeys and drug dealers and those who can't be trusted to pay a bill.
  11. Which one are you then? :)

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