Vodafone - (Not so) Pathetic!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jack-daniels, Oct 8, 2007.

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  1. Just called them to ask about upgrade to the new Sony Ericsson phone (K850I), that will be £100 they said! Fcuk that says I, I've been with you for 14 years and in your brochure it says its free, only if you pay £100 monthly says them!
    Goodbye Vodafone and hello O2 I reckon or does anyone know any cheeky ways of getting what I want off Vodafone?
    Customer loyalty must count for jack with them.
  2. what you need:
    1 call them back and ask them for your PAC code, they will put you through to their customer saves team who give you better deals than when you just ask for an upgrade, refuse any deals they offer you saying that you can get better with o2, they wil end up saying sorry we couldnt convince you to stay and that they will send you your PAC code in the post within 10 days

    2 you will then get a call on your mobile within 48 hours from their customer retentions team who will offer you the best they can to save you, you should accept any of these offers if you like them

    3 they are then going to start reading out your contract agreement and they will state that the contract is for 18 months, at this point you should tell them that your not willing to have an 18 month contract cause the phone is only guarunteed for 12 months, they will then say that they will guaruntee it for 18 months, you then ask for that in writing as your not prepared to accept someones word over the phone without it in writing, they will then say they cant do this so you say deal is off, they will go speak to their manager who will authorise a 12 month contract which you can then accept

    4 next they will come on to delivery information and they will tell you that delivery will cost £4.95, tell them that o2 said free delivery and that deal is off again! they will then come back and give you free delivery as well

    Vodafone work all their deals on your value to them as customer, they assign values to customers on 3 levels, doesnt matter how long you been with them its how big your bills are!
    Low Value £20-£50 per month bills
    Normal £40-£75 per month bills
    High Value £75+ per month bills
  3. Try asking to speak to their customer retention office. At the same time look at 3 online they are doing Sony Eriscson with 700 free minutes for about £25 a month.
  4. go with 02 fella been with them for about 7 years.
    and not had a problem with them at all.
  5. Blimey! Looks like you've done this before! Cheers.
  6. I've been with o2 for ages. I do have high bills, so I always get what I want for free. I just ask whoever I am speaking to to ask their manager if they will do it for me. Blagged free bluetooth headsets etc also.
  7. Can't recommend 3 as they are actually gash, with their call centre inevitably based abroad (a bonus I've found with Vodafone is that every time I've called I've got a brit, generally a scot.)

    This really works, generally threatening to leave or better yet, giving details of a rival deal and getting them to match it is much better than actually leaving your current provider.
  8. I bought a samsung f300 for my daughter in june for her birthday, it broke after a month samsung told me to take it to carphone warehouse to get fixed took them 3 weeks to fix it had it for a month and it broke again, this time samsung told me to send it to there repair centre this again took 3 weeks to fix, had it for another month again it packs in i phone up samsung and give them sh it, they have a cheek to say its only on record as being broke once and have no record of the carphone warehouse repair and i have to get in touch with carphone warehouse and get all info on repair, i told them to get on there bike they told me to take it there as the carphone warehouse is samsungs repair centre in Scotland.I then tell the guy i want a refund the guys starts to as unhelpful and cocky as fcuk with me, i ask to speak with his boss the fcuk has the cheek to ask why i have to ask 6 times to speak with his boss then i demand so i ask him for his name he say's "alistair ," i said " alistair what" he said " he would not give me his second name and i said how am i to complain about you when you wont give me your full name, he then pass's me on to his boss i make a complaint i ask for her name and she wont tell me her full name either ba stard's.
    Is this a new pc thing about not given out full names to customers i mean i have to give them my full name and address and details, yet if i want to make a complaint about a member of staff they dont have to, so how the fcuk do they do anything when you complain about a member of staff?

  9. Mmmmmm....shiny.....

    Go with O2.
    Use them for both personal and business accounts. Never had any issues at all, even when upgrading for free !

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  10. Chance your arm, they will come back like a big baby.

    Then fcuk them offski.
  11. Very typical of Vodafone, generally depends on who you get on the other end. Some of them can be extremely helpful and others really rude and unhelpful.
    I have been with Vodafone for 11 years and always get what I want. Just tell them that you'll leave. I wanted the Nokia E65, they said no as your still in contract and it will be £200 when your contract finishes. Said I was going to leave and guess what got the phone for free, extended my contract for 6 months but thats no bother. Gave me more free mins and txts as well, now my bills are only £60 per month.

    Its not worth leaving them because really they are the best for coverage / customer service (generally) and the cheapest if you make sure you get a good deal.
  12. Coverage with other networks I've tried (ESP. 3) has been of a much poorer quality than Vodafone, that's why I came back to Vodafone. :D Now I've got all that trying elsewhere bug out of my system and I know Vodafone is for me, I'm quite happy. Not so happy with the Nokia 6300. Gash phone.
  13. Voda phone are an admin vortex. They started me off on the wrong tariff, it took 3 months of me ringing up before they would sort it and credit the account, of course there was never any record of my previous calls. I changed my bank earlier this year, every other DD managed to change okay, except Vodaphone. They never received notification from my new bank (Bollocks) cut off my phone, when I rang and gave the my new bank details, they took them but failed to activate the DD meaning that next month my phone was cut off again.

    I got married last month, I havent told Vodaphone Ive changed my name as it would bring the company to a grinding halt as they collectively worked out how to change my surname without ending the world.
  14. How come it is a gash phone mate?,it's just as I was looking at changing my phone to one of these,if they are crap I won't bother,just wondering.
  15. My bold. I've had one since May and think it's superb........ so far. Oh, and my company (and thus me) have been with Vodafone for over 10 years and concur that whilst their admin is shite of the highest order they do respond well to threats of account closure, although that might have something to do with the fact that our a/c is worth £30k+ p.a. Does mean I elicit all sorts of free stuff out of them :D