Vodafone is trying to rip me off

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by gorilla, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. Hello fellow Arrsers,
    I have quite a major problem, which some of you may of either heard of, or experienced. My problem is this, I left Germany in early January, having served in Gutersloh for 8 months. Whilst in Gutersloh I got a telephone and mobile broadband contract with Vodafone (G), my contract was for €60 a month fixed rate. I stuck to my end of the deal. During the last 3 months of my contract vodafone started telling me that I should pay €120 a month, I only paid the agreed amount of €60. I terminated my contract in the usual manner by a signed letter and a copy of my posting order. Now 6 weeks on I have been sent bills for hundreds of Euros. My initial contract was not explained to me. What can I do, as I am not willing to pay this money to those thieving fatherlesses at vodafone. What can they do if I don't pay. Would it affect my credit rating in the UK and would OFCOM be able to help.
  2. Dunno about OFCOM, but yes, your credit rating will be flipped by Vodaphone.
  3. Send it all to the BBC Watchdog program bigging it up that Vodaphone are ripping off our brave boys . I bet it all goes away
  4. Otelo regulate Vodafone - in the UK. They will give you advice, but expect you to go through the complaints procedure up 'a letter of deadlock' or twelve weeks of negotiations. Ofcom can be helpful but only 'look at the big picture' whatever that is. Be polite and persistant. I just won my battle with Vodafone , but they went right up to the twelve weeks and only when I declared 'time for Otelo' did they capitulate. I am in the UK though.
    Hope this helps. They will try to wear you down.
  5. It's possible that Vodafone (DE) will pass the alleged debt to a debt collection agency (or solicitor) in UK, but the contract will be drawn under German law and not enforceable in UK - they could bring an action in a German court and then try to enforce judgement through EU legislation, but it's extremely expensive and very unlikely. In general, credit reference agencies in UK only show UK accounts on their files; your German credit file will be fecked, though.
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    Smooth move, Exlax.

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  7. Seek advice from the Army Legal Branch at HQ 1 Div Herford, they might be able to help. Also a letter to Sixth Sense newspaper, they have had a spate of letters about Vodaphone in the past few months and IIRC especially from the Gutersloh area. Vodaphone were very quick to put things write due to the bad press they are getting.

  8. What do you mean by this? Is it that the charges being levied by Vodaphone were indicated in the contract (and therefore legitimate, however punitive or unfair) but that you didn't (like most of us) take the trouble to read them?
  9. No, the contract was in German, I was told that the contract covered the items that I wanted at the €60 fixed sum. and then ordered to sign the contract by some officious, overbearing sales assistant.